Ten O’Clock

The nine licks with the wooden spoon ~ nine on each cheek ~ seemed to last forever.  i couldn’t make any noise except a whimper because Jon’s cock filled my mouth.  After the first few strokes with the spoon, I concentrated harder on the cock, which made it a little easier to bear.

Diana finished before Jon did, and he pulled my mouth off of him.  “Up,” he said.  “That was nice, but you need to get down to breakfast, no time to waste.”  And he shooed me away.  As i left, I could hear Diana laugh as she raised her skirt and settled herself on his cock.

i was a little jealous, my pussy hadn’t even been touched and i was wet and hot and longing for release.  But i knew that wouldn’t happen for a while.

i moved quickly, not wanting to be in trouble for being late, and practically slid around the corner into the kitchen where we gather for instructions.

The others  ~ a small group of submissives and valets, and a Dom-in-charge ~ look up as i get there.  My friend Serena is there, and i notice an odd look on her face as she sees me.  i glance down, remembering that my nipples and the lips of my pussy have been rouged.  Is that what she’s looking at?

i know i’m not the only one here who’s been made-up like this, but, now that i think about it, i’ve only seen it in the evening.  It looks particularly garish in the fluorescent lighting of the kitchen.  i start to cover myself, instinctively, but the Dom-in-Charge ~ the DIC as we call him ~ looks at me and i stop myself.  (Yes, it’s pronounced Dick, what better name could there be for him?}

He is shaking his head as i join the group.  “No,” he says.  “Not today.  You won’t be working with us today.  You’re on ‘special duty.'”  And he even makes the air quotes sign in the air.

i think, o, shit.  That doesn’t sound good.

“Come stand in the corner for now,” he says, gesturing to a corner in the front near him.   Obediently i go to the corner and stand as far in as i can, with my head against the wall, hands behind my back.

I can hear them behind me, assigning people to different duties, and then they’re all off to serve breakfast, or sit at some Master’s feet, or do whatever needs to be done.  Once they’re gone, i sense someone standing behind me.

“Turn around.”

It’s the DIC, and i turn, to find him very close to me.  “Open,” he says, and i spread my legs.  He runs a hand between my legs, probing my cunt until i moan.  “Wet,” he says with a grin. “Very nice.   Apparently, you’re being punished because you forgot that you are to be open and readily available at all times.  Right?”

i nod, “Yes, Sir,” and he goes on,”So you’ll spend breakfast going from table to table, checking to see if anyone wants you.  Being accessible and ready to obey, of course.  Is that clear?”

“i guess so,” i say, even though it’s really not.  i mean, they want me to do WHAT?

i must look confused.  “Don’t worry,” he says.  “All you have to do is approach each table, stop and put your hands behind your back, and wait 20 seconds.  Count to 20 slowly.  Keep your eyes down unless directed to look up.  Then pivot so your back is to the person at the table.  Count to 20 again.  Then you can go on to the next table.  Clear?”

“Yes, yes Sir,” i say.  “i can do that.”

So i do.  i walk out into the dining room, naked and all rouged up.  There are about 10 small round tables, and i see my Master at one of them.  i walk toward him first.

He smiles, and i smile back before i remember to lower my eyes.  But i stand in front of him counting silently, and do my turn.  Once my back is turned, he says, in a low voice, “Bend over please, and put your hands on the floor.”

i do, responding quickly, torn between embarrassment, the desire to please, and a secret hope that there will be an orgasm for me along the way somewhere.  He leaves me there for what seems like a long time, then,

“Good girl,” he says.  “You may go on.”  Disappointed and relieved, i straighten up.  He adds, “I want you to bend over at each table. Count to 20, bend over, then count to 20 again.  Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir,” i say, and move to the next table.

It’s an exercise in humiliation.  The Dom at the second table practically ignores me, and i’m not sure how i feel about that.  When i stand at the end, He says, “Very nice, no thanks,” and that makes me blush and smile a little.

But the next table is my friend Serena’s master.  Serena is sitting at his feet watching as he makes me step closer, pulls on my nipples until they are erect. i glance at Serena, and she’s smiling.

When i bend over, he actually get up and touches me, he makes me spread my legs wider, stroking the inside of my thighs, pinching my pussy lips.  i’m so wet and hot, i think i’m going to cum immediately, but “Don’t you dare cum,” he says, laughing, and i don’t.  “Lovely,” he says, “i’d love to spank your pussy sometime.”

The idea makes me quiver, but he slaps my ass lightly to send me on.

By the time i get to the fifth table, i’ve been stroked and caressed and patted, my nipples pinched, and i would love to be fucked.  Love to.  But i can see it’s not happening.

Table eight is a FemDom and she’s amused.  I’m bent over, almost done, when , “Watch this,” she says to her submissive, Donnie.  Then to me, “Don’t move,” as she slips a piece of ice right into my asshole.  Just slides it right in there.  “You can go as soon as it melts,” she says.

Omg, i can’t help squirming, omg, but fortunately, it’s a small piece of ice, and it melts pretty quickly.  By then, i’m so hot i think i’m going to explode, but she just laughs.  “Go on, ” she says.

One more table ~ it almost seems easy now ~ and then i head back to my Master.  “Come here,” he says, and i do, settling happily on the floor by his feet.  He strokes my hair, and i’m content as i can be, considering i’m still really in need of an orgasm.

Just as i really get comfortable, the chimes begin.  O, shit.  i jump up, hitting my head on the table, trying to figure out where i should land.  Master laughs.  “Here,” he says, “over my knee.”

So i lay across his lap, ass up, legs open.  His hands explore, lightly pinching and probing, penetrating my pussy while i squirm and wriggle.  He laughs and stops.

“Here,” he says, “Let’s use this.”  Of course i can’t see what he’s picked up, and can’t imagine what it is, even when it lands with a whoomp on my ass.  “One!” he says.

11 thoughts on “Ten O’Clock

  1. vanillamom

    well…uh…*clears throat, squirms*…this is one hella treat to come home to. 🙂 Just so perfectly erotic. Supremely well done. Been a while since I read a story that made me squirm like this… and damn I’m O-free until tomorrow. (worth it to read this. 🙂 )


      1. vanillamom

        I read this and got all turned on by it. (coz it’s jus tthat hot…and I’d have to be a stump to NOT be, frankly)…but my own self-generated stuff is in a “low” mode just now.


        1. sofia Post author

          O, funny – and of course you’re right – there’s a difference between internally motivated libido and externally. Hope your Master has got you back where you need to be soon!

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