These Days…

My life is all about diapers and a laughing baby, or a crying baby, long conversations with my daughter, and lots of complaints from my cats who don’t much like it that THOSE PEOPLE are still here.  Shared meals and exercise routines, dancing with the baby, and going for long walks.

Then there’s work, which is going well, and keeping me busy all by itself.  And summer activities ~ places to go and things i don’t want to miss.  Farmer’s markets and festivals, walks in the park and playing in sprinklers.

And Sir who is wonderful with all of this ~ good with the baby, and my daughter, and smooth through all the joyful chaos.  He enjoys them, and they like Him, and life is wonderfully good.

A visit from Fiona will be icing on the cake of life.

But ~ but ~ “Wait,” you say, “Where’s the kink?”

Kink?   O, yeah, i vaguely recall that!!  That involves spanking and sucking and ~ o, all kinds of things.  Right?

Well.  My daughter and granddaughter are going to be gone tonight.  i guess in this amazing universe, anything is possible.  We’ll see.

8 thoughts on “These Days…

  1. Wordwytch

    I hope you have a great visit with Fiona. As for the baby thing… yeah. Every time the brand new granddaughter comes over to visit with her two brothers, my schedule goes to hell in a handbasket. 🙂 She’s so cute!


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