Guess What!

One of our fellow bloggers is passing through My Town on her way home from vacation.  And we’re going to meet.

This is my lucky year, obviously.

Monday night.  And Tuesday morning.  Me and Sir and her and her kids, and maybe my daughter and granddaughter too, hanging out.   How cool is that?


10 thoughts on “Guess What!

  1. jadescastle

    Okay. It’s official. i’m pouting. POUTING. i want to see you….and that delicious baby. i told you we would be careful on the new carpet while we finger painted. Tsk, tsk.

    1. sofia Post author

      Dear Jade ~ You know you’re invited ~ your and SR both ~ any time. HUGS and love… but there would be no finger painting, lol…

      1. jadescastle

        Um. How about some home made play doh? 🙂

        We know and thank you. It’s way overdue and will work out some time. i still say you should get to the master slave convention with us.

        1. sofia Post author

          I’ll have to think about the homemade play dough. 🙂 Actually, she’s still at that age that practically everything delights her. An empty box ~ big, small, doesn’t matter ~ or getting to walk around holding her little plastic fork ~ those are the wonders of her world.

          As for coming to visit, yes. i think it’ll happen too, and i look forward to it!

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