Just slipping in here for a moment…

Life is really good here, in so many ways, and i’m busy and happy and my granddaughter is a delight and my daughter’s pretty terrific too and work is great and i’ve got half a dozen other irons in the fire, so i have no complaints at all.


There are things that bother me deeply, that break my heart.  The verdict in Trayvon’s death, for one, and the legal issues around reproductive justice in so many states, and when i see the way women are sometimes treated and perceived and the way black people are so often perceived and treated, it just hurts my heart.

And i’d like to be beaten.  i think that would help.  Or tied up or fucked or something.  And despite all the joy in my life ~ and there’s lots of it ~ there isn’t a whole lot of kink.

i really miss that.


13 thoughts on “Whispering…

  1. abby

    I totally agree with Kitty. I also have been in that place…being so happy to be with family, so missing the privacy to feel His dominance. Hugs..

    1. sofia Post author

      Hi, Abby ~ yeah, i’ve thought about you in the last couple of days because i’ve heard you talk about your experience with this. Thanks for the support!

  2. jadescastle

    (Smiles) Wouldn’t it be grand if we could have all of the happy parts of life at the same time? i understand too how sometimes the pains of the world (The Martin case, et al) become too much to hold inside and a reminder of someone safe being in total control, helps return us to feelings of stability and equilibrium. Maybe the girls can go on a play date for several hours? i mean, how far could the apple have fallen from the tree? i’m sure she can understand that Grandma needs a few hours of, um, “downtime.” Personally, i’d buy passes to a local children’s museum or something and send them off for some playtime while you get your needs met. Just sayin’

    1. sofia Post author

      Ok, you are really brilliant, jade – i love the way you put words to my need when you say:

      “…a reminder of someone safe being in total control, helps return us to feelings of stability and equilibrium”

      I think that’s exactly what i want. We actually had some playtime on Saturday, so i shouldn’t be fussing about not getting any, but some of what i miss is the little moments as we go along. There will be times that she’s not here, so it will all be ok. i know that…

  3. vanillamom

    Love jade’s advice! I second it, actually. 🙂 Momma does need some private time, get those needs met. The world is a hard, harsh place…it hasn’t changed a whit over all the centuries of humanity…sadly enough…and I try hard to do what I can to educate when the situation arises…but also try to enjoy the day to day and live my life fully…revenge against the do-badders in the world…dammit. I *WILL* have my happy.


    1. sofia Post author

      Hey, ‘nilla,

      Of course you’re right ~ the painful stuff that happens can’t be allowed to take over our lives. But it’s nice to have the D/s boost to shift one’s attention!

      Thanks for the input!!!

    2. jadescastle


      i often think the most politically active and best education i could ever offer is to live my life well and enjoy it. We never really know who looks and truly sees us, how that can inform their thinking. One day,years ago at a Mall court, i was feeding my boys and was so wrapped up in loving them and the nice ex that i never noticed the woman staring at us. My ex said it was as if she never realized she could do what we were doing (having a happy lesbian family). When we were leaving, i smiled warmly at her, and said happy happens for us too, you just have to take it. When i read about your family, it gives me a blessing of remembering.


  4. vanillamom

    At Jade:

    “a blessing of remembering…” nice. Thank you…you made my heart smile today.


  5. Wordwytch

    You’re slipping in to write and I’m slipping in to comment. Life is hopefully settling down. Oh, and a dedicated bedtime has been decreed… until further notice.


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