sofia Gets herself in Trouble…

Not for the first time, but this was a good bad one.

It started innocently enough.  i was getting ready for work, Sir was already dressed, looking handsome, ready to head out the door.  i say,

“What do you think you might want for dinner tonight?”

Now i should tell you, if i haven’t mentioned this before, Sir has some unusual eating habits.  He is not a gourmand by any means.  Some nights, He has cereal for dinner.  Not because He couldn’t have other things, but strictly by choice.  Some nights, He has peanut butter and jelly.  By choice.

i’m on the 17 Day diet again, cycle 1.  i’ve lost 2 pounds this week.  Yay.  But i have to make sure i vary the food i choose or i get bored and start craving other food.

So i’m mentally planning dinner, and i say, almost without thinking,

“What do you think you might want for dinner tonight?  i want something exciting…  O, wait, that’s right, you’re boring.”

Yeah.  That’s what i said.  Then i realized what i’d said, and i try to salvage the situation by adding ~ with complete honesty ~

“About food!  Not anything else!  Just food!”

Too late.

“Boring?”  He says, “Did you just say I’m boring????”

“Um, um, yes, yes, Sir, i kind of did, but that not what i meant, you’re not boring, not at all, not even a teeny bit,” and my voice drops to an almost whisper,  “except ~ just ~ you know, about food…”  Cause i am nothing if not an honest slut.

Too late.  No bonus points for honesty either.


Of course no punishment was immediately forthcoming.   Too many people in the house.  But i’m sure it’s only a matter of time…  And i’m hoping betting spanking will be involved.


17 thoughts on “sofia Gets herself in Trouble…

  1. Wordwytch

    Oh Gods! I had to check who’s blog I was reading. That was a Nilla kinda slip! You do realize he may figure out how to spank you with dry noodles, or nopales, or something else. Or worse yet, spank you with the paddle and “smear” cooling yogurt on afterwards….

    1. monkey

      LOL! Wordwytch!
      With friends like you …

      Oh Hey! A bunch of celery! It would make a nice wet crunchy sound and probably sting too.And your butt would be wet sophia after the first stroke.

  2. airasetsunyo

    Lol there are certainly times i wish i had a do-over instant rewind button.

    yours in life and leather
    slave of DarkHouse


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