Nine A.M.

The eight o’clock licks were much worse than the first seven.  Having to count one-one, two-two, as Diana did each side kind of made it hard to keep count too.  i think it was more like 10 on each side, but i couldn’t prove it.

Being wet, fresh from the shower, didn’t make it sting any less either.  i’ve always heard  that being wet makes it hurt more, and it sure seems like it to me.

i have to hurry again to get down to the dressing area.  i’m on breakfast duty and expected to be ready to serve at 9:00.   But first we help each other get ready.

It’s like a cross between a locker room and a harem.  The other submissives who are serving at breakfast are already part-way finished when i get there.   i quickly shed the thin robe i’m allowed to wear going through the halls and join them as we rub in lotion, dry and brush hair,  apply  make-up.

The valets are helping too, and Jon has me lie on my back with my legs spread wide while he runs the epilady over my pussy.  That hurts, but not as much as the pussy whipping he administers if you move, so i manage to lie perfectly still.

When he’s finished, he brushes his fingers over my skin lightly testing the smoothness.  i start to get up, but he shakes his head.  “Not yet,” he says, “Special instructions today.”

Carefully, he applies lipstick to my nether lips, a bright red that matches the color already on my lips – well, on my mouth.  i’m embarrassed.  It looks ~ i don’t know ~ it looks so vulgar, and i know that sounds silly, considering where i am and what i’m doing, but still i’m embarrassed.

And wet.  Jon slides two fingers inside me, making me gasp with shock and then with pleasure.  He smiles and withdraws them.  “Always available,” he says.  “I hear that’s your motto today.  This pretty pussy should remind everyone of that.  Now let’s do your nipples.”

He does, painting them a lurid red also, and holding up a hand mirror so i can see the effect.   i feel like there are arrows pointing to my breasts, my pussy and even my bright red mouth, as if i’m advertising that i want to be taken.  And really, i guess that’s the truth of the matter.

He pinches my nipples – hard – and then releases them.  He nods.  “Good, that didn’t smudge it at all, that color should last a long time.”

He helps me stand ~ just in time.  The clock chimes and i bend at the waist, not sure what to lean on or where to put my hands, but not wanting to be caught unprepared.  Jon is sitting on a low stool, he takes my hands and places them on his thighs.   He is still holding my hands when i feel a presence behind me, hands part my ass cheeks, stroke the crack between my cheeks, pausing at my asshole, which automatically puckers.

“That’s right,” it’s Diana’s voice, “tighten that asshole, and i’ll make sure they open it for you.”  But that only makes me more tense, and tighter, and she laughs.  That’s not a bit reassuring, but i don’t have time to worry about it.

“Do you want her mouth?” she says, and i realize she’s talking to Jon.

“I wouldn’t mind,” he says.

“Kneel,” she says, and i lower myself to the floor.  This puts me directly on a level with Jon’s cock.

“Push your ass up,” she says, a phrase i hate, but i do as she says.

Jon has taken out his cock, which is already hard.  He takes my hair from behind and raises my head, lowers it on his cock, pushing himself deep into my mouth.  i like his taste, and i begin to suck, working to focus on him and his pleasure.

Diana stands behind me, a bit to the side.  i can’t see what she’s holding, but i can tell when it lands on my ass ~ it’s the wooden spoon.  The cock in my mouth keeps me from crying out, but Jon moans, and i know he’s enjoying the extra vibration of my mouth.

“Jon, why don’t you count,” she says.

“Me?”  There’s laughter in his voice, and i think, o, no.  Then, “Sure I’ll be glad to count, let’s hope I can focus.”  He adds,  “The rest of you can go ahead and do what you need to be doing.”  For a moment, i’m confused by that, then I realize the other submissives and David, the other valet, have been watching this unfold.

“Go ahead, Diana,” Jon says, and the spoon lands again.

“One,” he says, thrusting his cock deeper into my mouth.

4 thoughts on “Nine A.M.

  1. vanillamom

    holy *fuuuck* woman!

    Devious and delicious and delightful….

    I’ve never watched the clock so intently before….


  2. sirqsmlb

    Oh holy hell! We need to find one of these training places….I’m in!! I’M IN!! I think Sir would be thrilled to send me!



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