Eight A.M.

The first seven licks ~ well, fourteen, if you count one on each side ~ weren’t bad.  i think she was using a ruler, or some piece of wood about that size.  It stung, i squirmed, but it wasn’t too bad.

Not even when she uses it on my upper thighs, making me cry out.

When she is finished, she moves back, i am whimpering a bit, but i hear the zipper.  i’m going to get fucked, i think, and sure enough, he stands behind me, i can feel his jeans against my bare legs, feel the head of his cock pressing at my lips.

He slides into me and i cry out with pleasure, moving my ass back against him, taking him deeper into my hot cunt.  But he pulls out then, lightly slaps my ass.  “Not now,” he says.

He moves to my side, with hands on my shoulders he moves my body, i slide down to my knees and he sits where i had been lying.  He strokes his cock.

i lick my lips, yes, i would like to taste that, very much.   i look up at him, but he shakes his head.  No.

“Horny slut,” he says, smiling indulgently.  “Not now.  You may kiss my cock, but don’t put it in your mouth.”

Carefully, i kiss the offered cock, large and swollen, lightly, being careful not to even act like i’m going to do more.

“Good girl,” he says, as he pulls it away from me, stands.  “Maybe later,” he says.  “Time to start your day.”

He leaves, and Diana, who has spanked me, smiles.  “You have meditation next, right?” she asks.  i nod.  She says, “That’s cool, the chime will sound when your half hour is up,” and adds, laughing, “Not the clock – that won’t go off until 8.  But the bell will ring in half an hour.   Then you can shower and I’ll be back at 8.  Go pee if you need to, and then I want to see you on your knees, face down on the floor today.”

I rush to the bathroom, and hurry back, she’s waiting, so i kneel quickly, face down, ass raised.   She says, “The meditation theme is openness, availability.  See you at 8!”

i settle into position, try to compose myself to contemplate openness and being always available.   My hesitation to offer myself is what got me in this trouble in the first place.  i sigh a bit.

i try not to look for words, i try to focus on the openness of my body in this position.   The feeling of being told to open, the sense of responding to him rather than my own wants.

Time passes slowly, but i feel myself slipping deeper into that space where i am always available.  My legs spread wider, my ass hole relaxes, i am open and available.

And the bell rings.  It takes me a minute to gather myself,, to bring myself into the need to move, to shower.  But i do it quickly.   Awake at seven, thirty minutes of meditation, plus however long it took for the spanking and cock tease from my Master ~ well, it will have to be a quick shower if i’m going to be ready for Diana at 8.


i am barely stepping out of the shower, still wet, when i hear the chimes, see Diana standing in the doorway.  i don’t hesitate, i turn so my back is to her, bend over, placing my hands on a stool we keep in the bathroom for a variety of purposes.

“Good girl,” she purrs, stepping behind me.  “All ready, and still wet.”  i hear a THWACK as she slaps something against ~ against her hand, i guess.  It doesn’t sound like the piece of wood she used last time.

No, as it lands on my right ass cheek, i know it isn’t, it’s the wide leather strap  O, shit.  That hurts already.  And being wet doesn’t help.

“You count this time,” she says.  “That’s one.”  The strap lands on my left ass cheek.

“Two,” i say.

“No, that’s one too,” she laughs, “One also, that is.  Wow, this could be confusing.  One on each side.  Let’s start again.”


6 thoughts on “Eight A.M.

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, Lady P! Sorry to leave you in such a bind with your Mylord being gone. But i’m betting you figured out a way to resolve it! 🙂

  1. vanillamom

    late to respond…but this is brilliantly done. I can’t wait for the clock to chime another hour! LOVE how you’ve set it up. Love the counting fubar…what? one, too? one two? huh? made me laugh out loud! One also…so lets start again… oh glory this is so good!


    1. sofia Post author

      Thank you, ‘Nilla!! So glad you’re enjoying it ~ i love those “counting” things too. So easy to get messed up… and glad it amused. It is funny, unless you’re the one mis-counting! 🙂


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