Every Hour

“No, only the hours she’s awake,” he says.  “No need to wake her each hour this time.”

A shiver runs through me.

“How many?” the woman asks.

“Oh, one for each hour,” he says.  “You know, three at three o’clock, ten at ten o’clock.”  He pauses.  “On each cheek.  So that would be six at three o’clock, three on each ass cheek.  Or each thigh.  You can mark her upper thighs too.  She needs to feel it when she sits.”

He turns to me then, and smiles.  “The clock chimes you know.  When you hear the clock chiming, you are to stop whatever you’re doing and present your ass.  i don’t much care if you kneel with your face to the floor, or bend over with your forearms on the table, so long as your ass is offered nicely, easily accessible.   Diana will take it from there.”

i want to ask him how long, for how long will this continue, the hourly spanking.  But i don’t dare, and even if i did, the opportunity is gone.  He takes one step forward and  his cock is at my mouth.

“Open,” he says.


10 thoughts on “Every Hour

  1. sirqsmlb

    OMG, OMG, OMG!!!

    Wow! Yup, that’s all the coherent thought I can pull together after that.


  2. vanillamom

    wow…I love your hot little stories…you told an entire story in so few words. Hot, sexy, erotic, wicked. Bravo…I’m torn between re-reading this…and jacking off. 🙂



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