Home Again, Home Again

Got home late last night, not enough sleep, and a full day of work ahead of me.  But i thought i’d share this.

Last night, i have a happy reunion with my Sir, and i’m getting ready for bed.  About to brush my teeth.

Sir says, “So, how’s your sitting coming along?”

Me ~ stopping in mid-movement ~ laughing, “Um, it’s not really…”

Sir:  You didn’t have a chance to practice sitting?

Me:  {thinking o, shit} Um, no.

Sir:  In six days.  You didn’t have a chance to practice sitting.

Me:  Um.  Um, no Sir.

Sir:  Well, did you think about it?


Sir:  NO?  You didn’t think about it?

Me:  {tiny voice…}  Um, no Sir, i guess i didn’t.

Sir:  {nodding}  I see.

i think i’m in trouble now.

Although, in all fairness to myself, when He said “Didn’t you think about sitting at my feet?” i could honestly say YES, of course i had.  i just didn’t know that counted.

But i suspect i will pay a price tonight.


19 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again

  1. sirqsmlb

    Oh Shit, for sure! You and nilla could have practiced!! hehehe…oops.

    Well…hope you are able to sit tomorrow 🙂


    BTW, what is the MAJOR subconscious aversion you have to this? OR, are you subconsciously wanting him to followthrough?

    1. sofia Post author

      Hi, fiona,

      Yes. We could have practiced, i suppose, although it’s a bit tricky with 4 kids in the house! Still you’re right.

      And i don’t know what the deal is on me, why i keep missing the boat on this. i guess if i knew, i’d be practicing like i’m supposed to. i dunno…



    1. sofia Post author

      Yes, “I see,” says as much as some paragraphs, lol. And right – i should get points for honesty!

      O, ok, maybe not… 🙂

  2. vanillamom

    oh. ohhhhh….that is both nervewracking and hot. Hawt. You could “sit” at work and call it “meditation”? Maybe? 🙂


    1. sofia Post author

      Yes, i COULD practice sitting at work, and i wouldn’t actually have to call it anything. However, i don’t. Somehow, work mode and submissive sitting don’t flow together in my head.

      But it’s a good suggestion, thanks, and allows me to play, “yes, but” for a while longer. Thanks! 🙂

  3. monkey

    I think oops is going to lead to ow.

    I’m with fiona.. You are usually more self aware than you seem to be in this instance and THAT piques my curiosity. You don’t owe us a thing of course, and yes, my interest is mostly prurient., so I understand if some aspect of this is too personal for you to comfortably share, but DANG sophia! WHY? What is it about this task ?

    1. sofia Post author

      i think you’re right about the oops and ouch part.

      And i don’t KNOW on the rest of it. If i knew, i’d be doing better and we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. But i don’t know… i just don’t think about it Not at all. i know, it’s weird.

  4. jadescastle

    Um. Yeah. You know, i’m a terrible friend. i should have sent you an email to jog your mind. It might be a good thing to figure out what is at the bottom (no pun intended) of this stand off. You know he is going to win, don’t you? (i’m rooting for him. Sorry Sofia) 🙂

    1. sofia Post author

      So this is really your fault, right? COOL! That’s being a real friend, Jade, taking the rap for me deficiency. Once i explain that to Sir, i’m sure all will be well.

      {Giggling madly…}

      Yeah, i think He might “gonna win.” Yeah. 🙂


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