Nilla’s Master

He IS charming, this master of hers.

i think i even made ‘nilla a bit nervous, wondering what i was going to say about her master, being the only person who’s seen them together (an honor that is NOT wasted on me.) She has already blogged that time we spent with him, but even if she hadn’t i was going to start by saying he was charming.

You know, in mythology, if you’re familiar with the story about Psyche and Cupid, you know that the sister-woman figure plays an essential role. In the story, Psyche is living quite happily with Cupid in a Garden of Eden atmosphere. The only slight glitch in the scenario is that she’s not allowed to see him in the light of day.

Then her sister comes to visit. And her sister plants the seeds of doubt. Why can’t she see him? What if he’s a monster? Why shouldn’t she sneak in one night and take a peek? What could it possibly hurt?

Eventually, Psyche is convinced to doubt. While he’s sleeping, she sneaks into the bedroom and turns up the lamp – and sees that he is not a monster, but beautiful beyond belief. Unfortunately, she wakes him up, and when he realizes she’s broken the rule, he disappears. The rest of the story is about her effort to get him back.

i don’t tell this story just to torture you waiting still longer for me to talk about ‘nilla’s master. i just want to highlight the importance of this meeting.

Her master knew it was important too. Even when we were on the way, he tweaked her ~ “I’m not going to make it,” he’d say. “YES you are,” she’d reply.

And he waited until we were there to make his entrance. We looked at the cows in a nearby field, we chatted a bit, found a table, and were just settled there, enjoying the shade and the breeze, when ~ quite suddenly ~ there he is.

He is gruff and charming. A bit of crusty old man and a bit of debonair man-of-the-world. He has the aura of one who has seen things others would turn away from.

He was not afraid of me. He took me with him to the ice cream line, leaving ‘Nilla to hold the table. We chatted.

He’s knowledgable. Smart. Interesting.

He told me that he’s crazy about ‘nilla, worships the ground she walks on.

(Giggling madly…}

No, he didn’t. He is way too reserved to ever do that. But it was obvious.

And much later, when we were all quite comfortable, i said that he had said that. In front of him. i had already warned ‘nilla, so she knew i was making it up. But he just shook his head ~ i could see him thinking “Dames….”

But he didn’t deny it either.

He explained to me why he doesn’t always answer her 300-a-day texts ~ he might have hoped that i would convince her to quit getting upset when he doesn’t answer instantly ~ instead i advised him that’s just how us sub-girls roll.

Then he played with her.


He let me watch while he played with her. Just like she describes it. Pokes and pinches and all.

i’ve seen people play in dungeons. Watched submissives responding to being flogged, to TENS units, or needles. This was no different.

He plays ‘nilla like a violin.

At one point, she smacked his shoulder, and i gasped.

Let me be clear ~ my Sir’s body is a no hitting zone.

She ~ ‘nilla ~ describes the incident, and i will just say, no, i did NOT think he was going to hit her back. In fact, there might have been a touch ~ just a touch ~ of melodrama in my gasp. But his response was very much the master.

So ~ verdict? He’s a keeper, guys. Yep.

He is crazy about her, and ~ ok, he MAY not worship the ground she walks on, but he loves every little pinkie she walks on it with.


11 thoughts on “Nilla’s Master

  1. vanillamom

    You had to reference the piggies…of course. I knew the toothbrush story would do that. πŸ™‚
    Thank you for a lovely series of thoughts. I’m sitting and smiling here…(He is definitely one that I love insanely deeply, too!)


    1. sofia Post author

      Yes, the piggies are an integral part of the story – don’t you think? Mwhahahahaha….

      i’m glad you liked my impressions of Himself. It was wonderful to get to meet him. πŸ™‚

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, Abby – i mean, not for being jealous, but for wanting to share the good times. i would love to meet you someday!

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, Wordwytch, it was a great visit, and a real treat to get to meet him. Glad you enjoyed my impressions of him. πŸ™‚

  2. sirqsmlb

    What a wonderful description. I can’t believe he took you to order and left her to hold the table…such a Dom…putting her on pins and needles, I’m sure. It’s nice to hear that they are as fabulous together on the outside, as nilla describes from the inside.


    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, Fiona, i’m glad you enjoyed my description!

      And yes, you know she was dying, sitting there wondering what we were saying to each other!! Very Domly. And fun.



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