Good Times on the Road

‘Nilla has the kind of home where there’s always hot water ready for tea, the children play happily in the yard with water balloons, and there are fresh strawberries and yogurt for breakfast.  Yum.

i got here late Friday night, fell into bed, got up early yesterday, and the good times haven’t stopped since then.  ‘Nilla and i took a walk through her lovely neighborhood then went with the whole family to an old-time street fair.

Her kids are delightful, and her wife and I have more in common than you might expect.  ‘Nilla is in constant motion ~ she’s sweeping the kitchen as i write this, for about the 30th time since i got here, and when she’s not doing that, she’s starting a load of laundry, or folding it, or directing the kids ~ “Do this, do that, no not that, stop that, did you wash your hands?  Really?”

You would think she’s a domme!!  {giggling…}  i have a feeling i’ll see a whole different side of her later today .

Of course, yesterday, after the street fair, ‘nilla and i got to meet Jz.   That was entirely too cool ~ and a story for another day.  i have to go get ready for this one ~ in which we meet up with the one i’ve been reading about forever, that denier of orgasms, the one she calls Master.

Stay tuned…

15 thoughts on “Good Times on the Road

  1. sin

    It sounds like that perfect little B&B where, miraculously, your real friends are waiting for you! Now we all want to go too!


  2. vanillamom

    My inner Domme leaks out in real life, doesn’t it? Mommy syndrome to the 4th power (that math ref. was for you, Andi!)
    We are having SUCH fun! 🙂


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