Sensual Moments

(Ok, i was wrong, it IS Barry White i was thinking of…)

So here are my sensual moments…

~ i’m tired and hot and sweaty.  i get in the shower.  The warm water pounds down on me and i feel my muscles relaxing.  i stand there for a long time.

~  My Master is slicing strawberries.  The aroma fills the kitchen.  “Here” He says, holding out a piece between His thumb and forefinger.  He puts the sliver to my lips and i take it from Him.  As i bite into it, the taste explodes in my mouth.

~  {This one takes place between two college students in a dorm… you might want to play the music and read slowly…}

The room is dark.  He is still at the party.  i have signaled him with my eyes, that wordless sign between us that i’m going to his room to wait for him.  His smile tells me he will be there soon.

The room is dark, and warm.  It smells like incense and his soap, his body, rich and musky , the lotion he rubs on me sometimes, and maybe a whiff of marijuana beneath it all.   Barry White is playing softly on his stereo, as it often is.

Even though it’s winter, the room is warm enough that i slip off my clothes quickly and climb into bed.  Curled up under just a sheet, i feel my nakedness against the sheets, intensely aware of being ready for him.  i wait.

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