Miscellaneous Nonsense

i was trying to write a post on some “sensual moments” of my own, but got lost along the way.  Maybe you can help me – what is the name of the Black singer from the  70’s who did “love songs” but they really didn’t have much in the way of lyrics, it was mostly this super deep voice crooning, “Ooooooh baby, baby, I love you baby, baby…”  Real slow and romantic.

i was thinking it was Barry White, but it’s NOT.  So now i don’t know who it is.  People used to sort of laugh at him because it was so predictable, all his songs sounded just about the same, but if you liked one, you liked them all.

Damn.  i just can’t remember.  If you can, please share!!

In other news ~ here is a little miracle to consider ~ i fell yesterday.  In a parking lot.  Stepped in a pothole and fell flat on the ground.  No, that’s not the miracle, hang with me.

Scared the crap out of me, face down on the asphalt.  Knocked the wind out of me for a moment, shook me up a bit.  Scraped my elbow.  Scraped my knee.  Bruised the heel of my hand.

And that’s it.

Yeah.  Apparently i got off just that easy.  My knee is a teeny bit stiff today, but just barely.

Sir was freaked when i told Him about it, “You could have died!!” He said.

And He’s right.  Not to be overly dramatic, but my face was inches from the pavement, i could have hit my head and died.   i could have fallen wrong and broken something ~ a hip, goddess forbid ~ an arm, my ankle…

Instead ~ a scraped elbow.  How lucky is that?

i think i’ll go buy some lottery tickets…


13 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Nonsense

  1. jadescastle

    (grins) You should absolutely buy those lotto tickets. I *love* that he was panic stricken. I love it even more that you were able to get up and are okay-ish. I would like to suggest a crash helmet on your head at all times but that might be a wee bit unprofessional. 🙂

    1. sofia Post author

      Yeah, thanks for the suggestions, ms. jade, but i’m pretty sure that crash-helmet-wearing is not the look i’m going for. 🙂

      And i was kind of thrilled that He was freaked out too… although that might be just a bit warped on my part.


      1. sin

        And don’t you kind of like when your guy gets all manly and protective and takes care of you cause you’re a fragile girl? Sigh… It really is nice.

    2. sin

      I think you should get me some lottery tickets too! I fall a lot (Big Bad calls me Grace) and I often bang myself up. So I think I’m hoping your luck will rub off on me!

  2. little monkey

    LOL@the crash helmet.
    I am so glad you’re okay. I don’t think being glad at his obvious concern is warped. If you don’t like the crash helmet look, how about one of those blow up sumo suits?

  3. Wordwytch

    Can’t think of the singer’s name, unless you’re thinking of Issac Hayes.
    As for the fall… So glad you are okay! I fell when Iwas with my daughter the doctor in October. Scraped knee, sore leg, etc. Not sure who wanted to wrap me in bubble wrap more. Her or Wolf.

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks for guessing a singer – but no, not Issac Hayes… sigh….

      Glad you’re ok too – i bet it did scare your daughter and Wolf!!

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, aluram (for reading and for commenting…) No, turns out it was Barry White, it just didn’t seem like it on the youtube selections i was listening to. But thanks for trying!!


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