Sir Says No

Yesterday, i worked on house stuff all day, which means i did about 20 times more physical labor than i’m used to.  At the end of the day,  i was exhausted.

Sir had been home for a little bit when i finally stumbled upstairs from the basement.  He was about to come downstairs again {we had already done our ‘welcome home’ hugs} but i noticed He was holding a cup of coffee.  It looked lovely.

It smelled lovely.

i say, “Coffee.”

“Yes,” He says.  i’m feeling a bit guilty because He fixed His own coffee, but more than that, i want some.

“You fixed it yourself,” i say.

“Yes,” He says.  “I would have fixed you some, but it’s too late for you to have coffee.  You won’t sleep.”

“But ~ i want some ~ i can fix ~”

“NO,” He says firmly.  “It’s 8:00.  It’s too late for you to have coffee.  You won’t sleep.  Have a glass of wine if you like, but no coffee.”

i wanted to huff, i wanted to protest, i wanted to fix coffee,… but damnit.  He’s right.   O, i would have gone to sleep, but i would have been awake about 2 or 3 a.m., lying there unable to go back to sleep.


Obeying Him in this small thing, particularly since He’s right,  probably seems like no big deal to youall.  But ~ well ~

i guess i must be an unusually stubborn, willful hag most of the time, because i can think of times when i would have said, “Nuh-uh,” and proceeded to fix myself a cup of coffee.   i don’t know if it’s submission or just common sense that allows me to accept His stance.

But in either case, i bite back my defiance and say, “Yes, Sir.”  And sleep til almost 6:30 this morning.


So i don’t know how i became one of those bloggers who doesn’t answer comments.  i never thought that would be me, but here i am.  And i LOVE comments.

Starting today, i’ll do better.  i can’t promise to catch up anytime soon, but i’ll start staying on top of it, instead of feeling guilty about not having already answered older comments…


16 thoughts on “Sir Says No

  1. jadescastle

    Yesterday, i felt so sick i had only half of a cup of coffee. Sir Raven pointed out this morning, dryly, that coffee is not retroactive in this house. Then she explained retroactive even though she knows i know what that words means. Because she was certainly going to make sure she was crystal clear. You don’t think about coffee when you think about power exchange but there it is.

    1. sofia Post author

      i’m so sorry you were sick – but delighted that i’m not the only one obediently not drinking coffee. No it wasn’t what came to mind first for me when i thought about D/s. Sigh….

  2. sirqsmlb

    Oh girl, I never heard of a rule or limit that I didn’t instinctively want to break. Being submissive has given me a new look at life. Submitting is a full-on commitment for me. There are so many times that I want to hurumph or whine or pitch a bloody fit or simply disobey…but .. um … most of the time (?) I comply – happily even. It actually feels good. Submitting – especially when Sir knows that it’s kinda hard, is so gratifying.


    BTW, I – an avid coffee drinker is now two weeks into being caffeine free. It’s been a long struggle with head-ache ridden withdrawl Ugh.

    1. sofia Post author

      O, wow – 2 weeks without caffeine! I’m impressed

      But you’re right, it does feel good to submit, particularly because i trust Sir completely. Or as completely as one can trust another human. Nice to know i’m not the only one that struggles with the little things!

  3. sin

    As you know, I am one of those bloggers who doesn’t usually answer comments. But I also love them. But… for the first years I didn’t know how to set settings so I could reply individually, and then by the time I figured it out, I wasn’t in the habit of doing that, and …
    But I like when YOU do…

    1. sofia Post author

      Lol, Sin – if you like it when i do, then i’ll have to make sure i respond to YOUR comments anyhow!! But before you said that, i was thinking you could be my role model…

  4. Wordwytch

    Your Sir and Wolf are very similar in attitudes some days. The other night I was so tired, he looked at me and said “bed.” His tone brooked no disobedience. Next night, I was down to the last 25 words and he said… “You get your cider when you finish. If you don’t hurry, I’ll drink it.” I got done in record time.

  5. airasetsunyo

    my Sir is also very aware of what is going on with me physically and knows that i try to push too hard and do too much. “Bed, Now” and “Go lie down before you fall down” are two common phrases He uses. my only response is to put whatever i am doing down and head into bed …. He really does take the best care of me and i love Him so much for that.


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