The Next Thing I Know…

So there i am, on the balcony, feeling just a tad uneasy about the way Sir’s looking at me, just because i said i might be a little bit mean if He wakes me up in the middle of the night.  But He’s shaking His head.

“I don’t think I like the sound of that,” He says.  He gets up and disappears into the room, leaving me even more on edge.

He comes back with a collar.  Um, my collar, i guess ~ the leather training collar.  And for just a second, i think, No, o, no…  But He walks behind me, puts His hands around my neck so He’s cupping my chin, and i feel myself melt in His hands, so when He puts the collar on me, and i feel the leather against my skin as He pulls it taut and buckles it then i have already started slipping…

…. you know how it works….

………sliding down into that space where i just belong to Him, and really what was i thinking ~~

~~ of course it will be ok if He wakes me up later… why would it not be?

And then after the collar He takes each ankle, and buckles on the cuffs, and then the rope around my wrists, and i’m bound, nicely bound.  There is lots of rope left at the end of my wrists, increasing my  awareness of how He has secured me.

He tells me to scoot closer to His chair, and when i am where He wants me, almost touching Him, He lifts my skirt, pushes it up around my waist and begins to play with me.

He plays with me for a while, taking me to the edge a couple of times, before He lets me cum, watching me dispassionately as i go over the top ~ once, twice ~ and then, when i’m all relaxed, “Get ready for bed,” He says.

He tells me again that He’s going to get on-line for a little while and take a shower and He’ll wake me up later.

Obediently, i go brush my teeth and wash my face and get undressed.   i’m very aware of the loose rope attached to my wrists as i move around and when i take my top off i have to pull the rope through the armholes.

When He tucks me in, He ties the ropes on my wrists to the rings on my ankle cuffs.  He leaves the right one pretty loose, so i know i could reach over to untie myself if i had to, but He ties the left one so snugly that when i lie on my side, like i always do, with my legs curled up a bit and my hands under my chin, then the rope on that side is just long enough to reach from ankle to wrist.

But He pushes me onto my back first, makes me open my legs.  Plays with me some more.  After i cum a couple of more times, He kisses me and covers me up.

He tells me to go to sleep, and i do.

When i wake up, i think i’m alone.  i glance at the clock ~ almost 12:30, it was about 9:30 when i went to sleep, i think.  i wonder where He is.  Then i hear the shower running, and i know where He is.

i lie there with my eyes closed, awake, waiting for Him. Wondering what He’ll do when He comes to get me.  Not in an unpleasant way, just waiting to see.

Then He’s there, beside the bed, and i’m waking up for real, the rest of the way.  He pinches my nipples, hard, before He puts the nipple clamps on, tightening each one mercilessly.  Then ~

“Up.”  He says.  “On the floor.”

i can’t stand up, because of the ropes, but He doesn’t want me standing anyhow.

“Crawl,” He says.  “Yes, down on your hands and knees. Crawl.  Come on, this way.”

Obediently, i crawl ~ across the room, out to ~ o, my, out to the balcony. He has a towel on the ground, in front of His chair.  i crawl to the towel, and He brings a pillow for me to kneel on.   Another pillow to put under me, and He lets me fool with it til i’m pretty comfortable.

Then He sits down.  Yes, in front of me.

“Now,” He says, leaning back, “Show me *fellatio*.”

And i do.  Quite happily.


When we’re finished, He puts me back to bed, and i fall asleep curled up with Him behind me.

i almost forget sometimes, forget that He is not just my wonderful, slightly geeky, brilliant, kind, very zen Beloved One.  i almost forget sometimes that He is also this Dominant man who uses me as He sees fit, in His way and His time.

Crawling across the hotel floor, naked, intensely aware of the chain dangling between my nipple clamps, i think, O, yes, here He is, this is Him too.

In the morning, i feel softer, happier, well-loved.  More open.   You know, it’s not like i wasn’t those things before ~ i don’t know ~ youall know what i mean ~ it’s just being in that space completely,  i can feel my submission and His dominance and i can rest safe there.

Thank you, Sir.


8 thoughts on “The Next Thing I Know…

  1. vanillamom

    oh nice….and i understand. 🙂
    looks like we both got a lovely dominance yesterday.

    the still-very-out-of-it

  2. abby

    ahh., matter where, no matter when, They know just how to get us to that special place..very nice!
    hugs abby

  3. sirqsmlb

    Oh wow. Watching you orgasm dispassionately, like your just some play thing to be pass the time. Your collar and tieing you and ristricting you movement…Then waking you and having you crawl! Wow. He was hitting all of those submissive space buttons! Wow! He must have known how much you needed that!


  4. baby girl

    O my! Crawling out onto the balcony…for cock worship…in the middle of the night…after being awoken from sleep! HOT! I’d definitely say you are one lucky girl!



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