The Best Laid Plans…

This has been an unusual vacation ~ or get-away-weekend ~ for us.  Nothing has gone as expected.  On the way down, we were delayed by:

  • a work crisis for me that required a 45 minute delay while we found wifi and i dealt with the issue
  • traffic at a dead standstill, that led Sir to take off down back roads and by-ways, where our mantra became “at least we’re not sitting in traffic.”

So we got to the hotel ~ which is lovely ~ too late to eat someplace nice,  and, after more adventures on the road, ended up at a Waffle House.  Yeah, it was good ~ i was starved!!

But the plans Sir had for me were put on hold.

Then yesterday we did a boat ride that was wonderful.  i began to feel calm, began to unwind.  Began to realize how exhausted i was.  But started feeling better just not being tense anymore.

After a couple of other minor blips, we went out for dinner to a place that Sir had been before ~ only to discover that the meal He’d been looking forward to was no longer on the menu.  By this time, we have a new mantra.

“This trip is a wonderful opportunity to practice our zen.”

Fortunately, Sir has a vast reservoir of zen to call on, and mine is not too bad, so we hang on without snapping at each other or anything like that.  But by the time we get home {after some fabulous “Coffee with cream” flavored gelato} i’m done.  Can’t keep my eyes open.

So we sit on the balcony for a while, watching the river go by, while i try not to actually fall asleep sitting up.

About 9:00, Sir informs me that He’s putting me to bed.  For a nap.

A nap?  i’m dismayed.  Doesn’t He understand?  i’m exhausted…  i just want to sleep.  All night.

But,  “I’m going to put you to bed,” He says.  “Then I’m going to get on-line for a while and see what’s going on with my daughter on facebook, and take a shower, and so on.  Then when I’m ready for bed, I’m going to wake you up.”

i shrug.  “Ok,” i say, “But i should warn you, i might be kind of mean when you wake me up.  i mean, i won’t mean to be, i won’t want to be, sometimes it just happens.”

He got an odd look on His face, and i think, o, dear, that might not have been my best idea, saying that.  But it’s true!!

~~~ Oh, oops – almost time for check-out – gotta go – back later!!

5 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans…

  1. sin

    well that’s an intriguing end to your piece. Can’t wait to hear what’s next.

    And some vacations just go that way don’t they?Sounds fun anyway.

  2. sirqsmlb

    …of subs and Sirs. Hehehehehe
    Well, zen and unwinding is good. I’m glad he gave you a hint of something … More! Since you get a deep rooted sense of satisfaction when you please Him, right? So Zen, relaxation AMD satisfaction! Wahooo


    Hope the trip home is uneventful (well at least bad events)

  3. jadescastle

    Hugs to you…You learn so much about how you can adapt, who you are as a couple, when out of your comfort zone. It sounds really nice. I hope you got some rest and everything else you needed too.


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