Sensual Blogger Award

i got an award!


The Sensual Blogger Award – and isn’t that a great picture!  Thank you, Wordwytch, that’s very kind of you!

Like everything, there are rules:

Here are the rules…
  1. Thank the blogger who AWARDED you with a link back to their blog post where they nominated you (so they get a pingback). 
  2. Copy and paste this fine award on your blog. 
  3. Answer 7 “sensual” questions posed by the blogger who awarded you this fine award. 
  4. Create or borrow 7 “sensual” questions for the bloggers you award this fine award to answer.
  5. Select 7 “sensual” bloggers to award this fine award to, AND LET THEM KNOW YOU’VE AWARDED THEM. (Most of mine read my blog, so consider yourself notified!)

I made it through 1 and 2 already – on to the rest of them later.

In the meantime, something strange happened, i guess it was this morning.  Sir had asked me to make Him a list ~ we’re moving some furniture around, and He wanted to know where the big pieces were going.

Well, i started the list, and then i thought it would be easier to list the places each piece could go ~ like Garage ~ and put the furniture going there under the heading.  i was kind of pleased with myself that i’d gotten it done.

But Sir was not pleased.

He wasn’t mad or anything, He just pointed out that it wasn’t what He’d asked me to do.

And i got a little pissy about it.

Yeah.  i did.

And He was mostly amused.  He just kept pointing out that it was not what He’d asked me to do.

And He was amused that i was being a tad snippy about it.


So ok.  Fine.  It’s not what He asked me to do.  It was easier.  It was better.  It made more sense my way.

It was not what He wanted.

Later today, when i got through feeling huffy about it, i realized it doesn’t matter if my way was better or not.

So i did it.  The way He wanted.  And emailed it to Him.

i’m not even sure this is part of submission, you know?  But it feels like it.



8 thoughts on “Sensual Blogger Award

  1. jadescastle

    Yeah, seeing how they could do something better and then sucking it up…yep…welcome to Internal Enslavement, my friend. We have cookies. In time, it becomes the norm unless it’s something really big. Don’t worry about that, though. 😛

  2. Wordwytch

    You are so welcome dear!

    As for the furniture thing. Oh I know that one. We end up with CAD drawings and Visio diagrams… sigh. And trying to explain why putting a 24 inch wide sink Under a window that opens is not good for a 5’4″ person takes forever until you can get them to go to the bathroom and show them why it won’t work. sigh…. Wolf is 6ft.

    1. monkey

      Oh WW, I feel your pain. I’m 5’3″ and my husband and grown sons range from 6′ to 6’3″. How many times do I ask where something is only to be told “right there, on top of, or on the…”. It might be eye level for them but it’s a foot above where I can see it. they think it’s funny.

      1. Wordwytch

        Oh yeah… One time I made my ex crouch down to my eye level after a very frustrating day. His comment… “Damn! You can’t see Anything!” grrrr….

        1. Wordwytch

          🙂 LOL!
          Have to admit that once I got over being royally pissed off, I used his attitude to my advantage. If I didn’t want him to find something, all I had to do was place it down low. Under the bed was even safe. He Never Looked!

  3. sirqsmlb

    Congrats on the award. It’s funny, he really seems like he may have read that you want some more “control” in your relationship…and … he’s responding. He’s asking you to do things and expecting you to do WHAT HE ASKS. AND not letting you out of it when you do something different. Hmmmmmm.


  4. monkey

    Congrats Sophia! you deserve the award.

    I know that fitting yourself into the deeper submission he’s asking for is giving you fits, even though it is what you want and even need, You tell it so well we all recognise the struggle, and empathise (and it’s entertaining too, you’re so cute when you are sulky).



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