So then…

Last night, it was kind of late for me, and i should have already gone to bed, but i didn’t, and then i look over and He’s reading the blog and sort of nodding, and looking at me sideways.   O, dear.

Too late to go to bed now.

“So show me what you’ve got there,” He says, pointing to my handy-dandy new seat.  “How does this work?”

Eagerly, i assemble the yoga blocks and towel.

Confidently, i straddle the mini-tower and settle comfortably onto the seat, looking up at Sir for approval ~

~~ which was NOT forthcoming.

He looks at me like i’ve, um, just crawled out from under a rock.  He shakes His head.

“What?” i ask.  “What’s wrong?”

“No,” says He.  “What is this – this thing you’re doing?”

“It’s my seat!” i say.

“No,” He says, with more head shaking.  “That’s not ~ that’s ~ if you put a dildo on that, it would be a sybian*!”

“Well,” and i start to giggle, “Yes, i guess it would be.  But there no dildo on it, and you said you wanted me to find a comfortable way to do this, and this is it!”

So He’s still shaking His head, but He starts laughing too.  And once He starts, He can’t stop.

In between fits of laughter, He looks at me and shakes His head.  Affectionately, i think.  But still.

When He’s able to quit laughing, we have a little argument discussion.  i try to explain why this is the only thing that works.  He doesn’t get it agree.

He says i’m not even sitting, i’m astride it.  i try to get on-line and prove that “straddling something” is still “sitting.”  i’m not very successful.

We talk some more.

He looks some stuff up on-line and makes me try some other ways of sitting.  i explain why they don’t work.

He says He guesses He’ll have to make me a seiza specially designed for me.   i’m concerned because i’m not positive the seiza will work the way i think it will.  i really don’t want Him to make it and not have it work.

Today, i think i can do some more research first and try some other things too.  Back to the drawing board…

{Btw, thanks, Sfp, for the link to The Count ~ Sir thought that was very funny.}

*  Here’s a sybian:



4 thoughts on “So then…

  1. sirqsmlb

    Um…ugh. Well – have you thought of trying a low wide footstool! It almost seems like the seiza would make it so the majority of your weight would be on your bum instead of all on your knees. It may work…if you find the right height and angle – it may put you in proper alignment and reduce pressure – not add??

    Good luck,


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