Here We Go

This next month is going to be so action packed, i get a bit overwhelmed just thinking about it.

Two trips out of town ~ a weekend away with Sir, a business trip with an extra bonus visit to a friend, which makes that trip 5 days long.  {More on the friend later…}

AND my daughter and granddaughter will be here in ~ um, 28 days.  28, take away 7, means 21 actual days to get my basement fully remodeled.  Wallpaper stripped, walls prepped, and painted, new carpet installed.

Yikes.  Omg.  And that’s on top of all the regular stuff I normally do.

More yikes and omg.  And i’m already so far behind in things like answering comments and even answering email, it will be a wonder if i have any friends left when this is over.

And once they get here, they’re staying for several months.  Yes, several.   And yes, i’m so excited i can’t stand it.  i’ll get to hang out with my baby, and get to really know my grand baby, and baby sit and take her to the fair and all that stuff i want to do.

It will be awesome.  But right now, i’m a bit overwhelmed.  Over~frigging~ whelmed.  Wallpaper to strip, paint to select… omg.

Ok.  One step at a time.  Breathing…

6 thoughts on “Here We Go

  1. jadescastle

    We all understand that you are super busy, love. I get overwhelmed choosing paint colors so what I do is bring in a couple of things I love (pillows, vases) and choose from that color family. Otherwise, I have been tempted to do porn red! tee hee
    The wallpaper spray is worth the money. It will come right off easily and will save time on the scraping. Buy Kilz, since its in the basement (seals mold, mildew, and primes) but you’ll want to let it air out. Why am I telling you this? You have a man there now. Sheesh. Um. Sorry. i’m sure he knows everything to do. I wish I lived closer, I’d come help!

    Baby! And grandbaby! Wee!

  2. abby

    It will all be worth it to spend all that time close to the grandbaby….remember to breathe, and one day at a time…altho it might turn out to be very long days.
    hugs abby

  3. monkey

    In, one, two, three….

    Out, one, two, three…

    Try not to look at the whole, look at the little pieces. You’ll be fine.

    Oh, and yes, of course you’ll have friends left. 🙂

  4. vanillamom

    oh boy. So let me ask this….DOES the wallpaper need to come down and painting be done before they come or are you just trying to spruce up? Coz I’m guessing that your dau and grandbaby won’t spend much time in their room, right? Most of it will be up and about with you, visiting friends, that sort of thing. I think (oh, my opinion matters not ONE WHIT, but you know me!!! ) there may be some of that “to do” that you could let go of? Maybe? Or call a crew in to do it fast? Three weeks is not a lot of time for that kind of reno work. Just trying to help keep you sane. 🙂

    Hugs and much love in ALL your endeavors…


  5. Wordwytch

    Yeah, BREATHE. Oh, and make yourself a list. 🙂 Good luck with all your projects and enjoy every moment with your grandbaby.

    I understand the OMG! feeling too. We have three major events in Aug/Sept. A conference, an SCA event and a Festival. I’m feeling a bit spastic too.


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