Six with the cane?  Six orgasms?  Noooo, go visit ‘nilla or ancilla or fairy or fiona, or just about anyone else.

That’s how many different things i have going on that are either paid work or that connect to work or might create future money possibilities.  Six different ~ different areas really.   i’m all business over here.

Each area has two or three different initiatives or projects.  Each initiative or project has at least two or three subtasks that i’m either working on myself or consulting with someone else on.  That’s at least 24 “to do” lists.  At least.

That’s not counting anything personal.  Not counting redoing the basement.  Not counting blogging.  Not counting exercise or any of that kind of thing.  Not counting the Spanish lessons I’m taking.

I just got a new app called Wunderlist.  i think it’s going to help me stay focused.  i hope it is.

Everything i’m doing is something i want to do.  How cool is that???  It’s totally do-able.  i just need to stay focused.

Each area is like a ~ like an area in a weaving on a loom.  All the different colors, different threads, flow together to create the pattern of my life.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

5 thoughts on “Six

  1. vanillamom

    I’m sure I’ve never heard anyone sound happier. 🙂 Many blessings on your endeavors, and so happy that you are happily busy.


  2. greengirl

    I heard once, somewhere, that we are meant to be productive through certain phases of our life. I know i thrive on this kind of thing – and it sounds like you are happy, and fulfilled. You sound wonderful.

  3. sirqsmlb

    Girl, you’re just Hittin’ your stride! The fabulous part is that it’s work, but it is also your passion. That’s awesome!!
    ¡No es la vida magnífica!

    Oh and BTW, why the hell would I stop at six orgasms?? Heheheheheheh


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