Living the Good Life

This is my favorite time of year, when it’s sunny and warm.  Really, i should be living in some warm climate where it’s like this most of the time.  Maybe someday.

In the meantime, my life has gotten busy in all kinds of good ways.  Work is busier, which is good for me.  My daughter is coming for a long visit with my granddaughter, which means there’s a major house project that needs to be completed  started.  i am more committed to exercising.

Sir is commanding more of my attention in vanilla ways.  i write that and think it sounds odd, but that is what’s happening.  As some on-line marketing article describes it:

People command our attention when they do something that attracts and then either informs or entertains us;

We’ll start talking about something and the next thing i know, it’s time for bed, or time for work, or time for something else that doesn’t involve me being on-line.  i don’t think He’s trying to keep me off-line ~ my best guess is that He’s enjoying this time of year too so we’re connecting in new ways.

It is almost a year that we’ve been living together.  A year ago this weekend He decided that He wanted to spend more time with me, that He didn’t want to live on the other side of town and have to drive back and forth.  This weekend is very different, in some ways, from last year, and i am much happier than i imagined i would be.

Happy lives make for boring blogging though.

And it’s not that i’m being neglected kink-wise ~ far from it.  It weaves through our time together, hugs and spankings mingle, he restrains me at night, attaches a rope to my ankle, secures me, so i am reminded always of my place.  He strokes me, caresses, slaps my ass, uses my mouth and does all the things i love.

He seldom uses nipple clamps anymore, He becomes the clamps, pinching my nipples, pulling them hard, pinching firmly, tighter and looser at His whim, while i whimper and get wetter, wish He would stop, and hope it never ends.

i am always His, and He claims me often.

Life is good.

6 thoughts on “Living the Good Life

  1. vanillamom

    Lovely…all too soon the cold winds will push us back inside…for now? Enjoy…no–*savor* every sweet moment. 🙂


  2. Wordwytch

    Happy Anniversary! I know that you had reservations when he first moved in and weren’t sure if this would be a good thing. I’m so happy for you that it has become a good thing.

    And, the connecting on the vanilla level… is a good thing too. 🙂 We need balance. It shows too, that it isn’t just about the kink, but the whole package. 🙂

    Love and hugs!


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