How Many?

That’s what He wanted to know, as i was bent over the bed, skirt lifted, panties down.  “How many will it take to help remind you to keep that in mind?”

“That” was my assignment on sitting, which believe it or not, i had not made progress on.   We talked about why that was the case later, and clarified things, so this was not even a punishment, it was a reminder.


But in that moment, when He says “How many ~ how many with the cane?” i giggle {don’t ask me why!} and say “One?”

He says, “ONE?  How ’bout one SET of FORTY?  Do you think that would help you remember?”

Chastened, i say, “YES!  Yes, Sir, it would for sure!”

“Then count,” He says.

We get to 8 before i mess up and have to start over, but after that, i make it straight through.  Yikes.

He had hoped to leave me tingling all day, so He’s disappointed when the tingling fades way too soon.   A welt or two lingered, as He discovered last night, but they don’t hurt.  i don’t know how that con be , i can feel them when He touches them, but they don’t hurt.

Anyhow.  when He asks me about pain levels, i have to admit {honest slut that i am} that it was only between a 4 and a 6.  i think He will work on raising that level next time.

And this experience ties back into this post from jade.  She quotes another blog post by a Dominant who says, “slaves need physicality.”  

Yes.    We really do.  It doesn’t matter “how many?” For sure, one would NOT have been enough.

Thank you, Sir.   {Thank you} X {48} = A Happy Slave Girl.

3 thoughts on “How Many?

  1. abby

    I hate that question too. He never asks when it is going to be a fun playtime, I always try to quickly figure..what is too much, no enough. Like you , in the ‘end’, He gets to decide.
    hugs abby

  2. baby girl

    How lucky are you that he would not settle for one. One would have been easier on him, but it wouldn’t have had the desired effect.


  3. Wordwytch

    I got just one this morning and have felt like I’d been given just one cookie or just one bite of chocolate…. sigh . Just not enough. I understand the whole welts and tingle thing too. I don’t bruise, and the effects of a spanking even with the FSCT don’t last. I certainly don’t bruise like Nilla.
    Sure you don’t want to borrow Armageddon?


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