Food Demons

So i lost 10 pounds, maybe 11 pounds, on the 17 day diet, another 25 to go, but am now in Cycle 3, which is less restrictive, headed for Cycle 4, which is least restrictive.

Unfortunately, i seem to not be handling my new freedom all that well.

So last night, i ate cereal, i ate potato chips, and i ate ice cream.

Yeah.  The cereal would have been not too bad, at least it was Wheaties, but the potato chips and ice cream were bad.  Definitely not on the approved list.

And i really, really hate that i’m here talking about “bad” food.  Ugh.  

That’s what’s on my mind this morning.  

Going to go exercise now….

13 thoughts on “Food Demons

    1. sofia Post author

      Hey, Sin,

      Yeah, it does, and i could have, except i over-scheduled myself at work and didn’t eat for almost 8 hours and then i was *starving.* i did better today. Thanks for the reminder!

  1. vanillamom

    Your perception of “good” or “bad” foods is fine. I do the same thing. Ice cream is “from the dark side”…And sin makes an *excellent* point. Protein helps stabilize through the day. And there are also green smoothies….(shudders)


      1. Jz

        You know, I tried my very first green smoothie on Thursday (totally by accident – I thought it was plain berry) and it was actually good! It was mostly berries and yogurt and applesauce but spinach there was – and spinach I drank.
        This only to say, they aren’t all awful…

        I’m still just squinting hard myself…

        Pudgy Girl

  2. faithful

    You are doing good- although 10 lbs in 17 days sounds like to much to fast to me – (but who the heck am I to question it).

    Don’t beat yourself up. Dieting is hard. Changing your life time eating habits is the most important thing. We all go to the “dark side” sometimes. It’s how you rebound that matters.

    I eat 2 peppermint patties every day. It is my splurge.

    Exercise helps get your mind back into it.


    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks for the support, faithful!

      Yeah, the 17 day diet is designed to help you lose fast at first – it’s just real low carb and low sugar, but not extreme. Even my doctor said it was a healthy diet, so that’s all good.

      My problem is that once i start “splurging”, i have trouble stopping… but today is better.

      Thanks again.

      1. Anne O.

        Of course! I’m telling myself the same thing this morning after a 3 course, DELICIOUS Indian dinner last night. 🙂 You’re SO not alone on this one.

  3. Wordwytch

    faithful is right. It takes time to change habits. Don’t buy foods you shouldn’t eat. Or, know that you are going to “slip”, and plan some extra exercise that day. Plus, understand that your body, especially as you get older is less responsive to all the chemicals in foods, especially low cal stuff. Instead of being satisfied, you are just hungrier. BTDT repeatedly.

    So, now I look at it this way… I may have one real piece of chocolate, but damn… it’s real and far more satisfying than 10 pieces of diet candy.


    1. sofia Post author

      You’re right, Wordwytch, the low cal or low fat stuff is not nearly as good for us as we’d like to think. Fortunately, this diet is almost all non-processed food, so that’s good.

      As for not buying food i’m not going to eat ~ that would make it easier. But i don’t live by myself. Sir’s been losing weight steadily over the last 2 or 3 years, and is looking quite dapper these days, so if He wants ice cream, chips and cereal ~ well, it’s all good by me. i just need to stay out of it. 🙂

      1. Wordwytch

        I started really reading labels when my allergies kicked up. (dairy… ALL forms) It amazed me at the amount of chemicals and High Fructose Corn Syrup was in things that were suppose to be diet food. That was when I decided to eat more “whole food” and it has served me good.

        As for the tempting foods. I understand not making Sir fussy. 🙂 Wolf loves dairy, but can’t have chocolate. So, we compromise. Little bits for each of us. 🙂



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