A Task

Sir wanted a clipboard.  A simple clipboard.  The wooden kind.  i knew exactly what He was talking about.  He asked me to pick one up for me the next time i went by Staples or Office Depot.

i said, “Sure.  No problem.”

That was on Friday ~ last week.  We had a busy weekend, so He didn’t mention it again, and i forgot all about it.  Monday evening, He says, “Did you get a chance to get me a clipboard?”

“O!  No!  i didn’t.  i’m so sorry!  i forgot all about it!”

“That’s ok,” He says.  “You can get it tomorrow.”

Tuesday.   Work and then a meeting from 7:00 to 8:30 that night.  Home at 9:00.  Tired.

Wednesday morning.  Sir says, “Did you drive up and down Such-and-Such Road yesterday?”

i have to think a second.  “Yes, yeah, yes, Sir, i did.  A couple of times, actually.”

“Did you happen to stop at Staples and get my clipboard?

“No!  O, no!  Omigosh, no, i forgot all… um, i forgot… all… about it.”  Downcast.

“Don’t worry,” He says, kissing the top of my head.  “You’ll pay with your ass.”

Wednesday, i get off work at 5:00, do an errand, come home, unpack some stuff that needs to go in the refrigerator, go back out to the grocery.   i look for a clipboard, a simple wooden clipboard.  They have $5.99 plastic ones.  No.

i come home, unload groceries and put them away.  i’m getting ready to go back out when Sir gets home.  Where am i going?  To get the clipboard..

“No,” He says.  “I told you to stop and get it, not go and get it.  There’s a difference between stopping off on your way to somewhere and going out to go there.”

“O,” i say.  Relieved.  “Ok.  Tomorrow then.”

So, yesterday i go to a Walgreen’s and a Rite-Aid, ~ because they were convenient and it would have saved me time later.  Nope.  Plastic clipboard at one, no clipboard at the other.

Fine.  Staples it is.  And what a lovely array.  Good grief – a zillion clipboards.


We have the $12.99 ones:


And the $3.99 pink plastic one:


Looking, looking, looking, come on, where ARE the wooden ones?


Aha!  There they are!  Yay – $1.99 and just what He wanted.  Thank goodness!  {But i’m pretty sure i will still pay with my ass.}  i carry it home happily.

“Now,” He says, “do you know why i wanted this clipboard?”

“No, Sir,” i say, eager to learn, “What for?”

But He just nods.  “You’ll see,” He says.


17 thoughts on “A Task

  1. abby

    hmmmm. I think He has something special in mind for that clipboard…one that will make you remember it for a long time.
    hugs abby

    1. sofia Post author

      i’m sure you’re right, Abby! Of course, knowing him, it could be a big ole mind f*ck instead, right? Only time will tell…

  2. littlekaninchen

    Going through this with Sir…..
    He’s beginning to give me things to achieve or do while he’s gone at work. I’m having problems getting them done… I know your ass is going to be pink! You didn’t get that clip board that day.. And he said that’s ok… That was in Dom language……… Your going to be pink… Lol! Have a wonderful weekend… Keep us posted on the clip board! Pun… Intended… ❤❤❤❤🐇

    1. sofia Post author

      Dear LK,

      You’re so right ~ Domspeak is not the same as regular language, and i’ve learned that “that’s ok” does, indeed, carry a different aftermath when He says. It’s more like, “don’t worry, your punishment is ensured…” yep.

  3. bedroombondage

    That was such a fun read! Will you update us what he wanted the clipboard for?
    And isn’t it typical how hard it is sometimes to find the ‘old fashioned’ wooden variety of something, and only come across cheap, plastic alternatives?

    1. sofia Post author

      Hi, Bedroom Bondage (i think i’ll start calling you BB…) – i know, it’s ridiculous, isn’t it, that the more simple something is the harder it is to find? i’m glad you enjoyed the post ~ and you know i’ll keep you posted. (haha…)

  4. vanillamom

    I’m with BB…this was an awesomely fun read…don’t you have some sort of gizmo on your phone to help remind you? A calendar or somesuch? Coz I also think, bearing in mind that he discovered some of you butt-spanking-squeals were…amplified without cause, shall we say…you could definitely be sitting tenderly. 🙂

    All that said? This is also so hawt. He has a creative mind so I have no idea what He’ll decide to do with that clipboard…but I sure hope he doesn’t introduce it to your nipples. Yanno–just…ouch. 🙂


    1. sofia Post author

      Hey, ‘nilla,

      i’m glad you liked it, and thought it was “hast!” For real, i do too. But NOT if that clip is headed for my nipples… noooooooo!!!!

      And yes, ma’am, i have all kinds of reminders on my phone ~ bells and beeps and buzzers for everything. Which is why they’re easy to ignore. 🙂 i think what i needed was an old-fashioned post-it on my steering wheel. O, well, next time, right?

    1. sofia Post author

      Hi, Michelle,

      i love that my posts make you smile! And i’m glad you like my Sir, i think He’s awesome too… 🙂 Thanks!


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