This is pretty funny ~ i just saw a new discussion posted in a submissive group on fetlife by someone named something like “SoloMaster” who says ~ and this is the whole discussion ~ “Who wants to audition for the role of my slave wife?”

That just made me snort with laughter.  Really?  Does he picture all the submissive girls jumping up and down, waving their hands in the air, going “Me, me, call on me!!”

So i giggle and i shake my head.  His post is against the rules of that particular group, so i imagine it’ll come down soon.  But it made me glad, in more ways than one, that i’m not seeking my one-true-Dom anymore.

It also reminded me of a movie we saw the other night ~ well, a porn video  ~ that was rather cleverly done.  The story line {yes, it had a story line} was about a young woman who goes for an audition to be in spanking porn movies.  It was very cute.

And then it was pretty hot.

They did two scenarios for the audition ~ one was her as an employee who had been on the internet instead of working and is punished with a spanking.  It had lots of the elements i like ~ different positions, counting, and just enough resistance on her part.

In the second scenario, she’s a college student getting tutored by her professor.   Of course, he believes in “old-fashioned corporal punishment” and dishes out plenty of it.  There were a couple of times in that one when i felt just a bit uncomfortable ~ after all, perpy professors have been know to prey on pretty students ~ but she did a lovely job of being awkward about showing her bottom ~ and if all the spanking got to be a bit tedious ~ well, Sir made up for that when i got my very own spanking and was put to bed.

Of course i don’t remember the name of the movie, although i’m sure Sir would if anyone wants to know.

We saw a couple of other spanking movies recently ~ yes, he roots them out of the internet for me ~ but they weren’t nearly as good.  One of them was a couple who had just started living together and the whole movie consisted of her not following his rules for being “green” and getting spanked for it.

She would whine and whinge while he spanked and spanked.  It was very ho-hum.

The next one was about two schoolgirls who sneak in a nun’s house and play with a Ouija board.  Of course they get caught and spanked by the nun, and later by a priest, but it got pretty ~ well, i thought it was kind of icky.  They made one of the girls kneel on salt ~ like rock salt ~ and pray while they beat the other one.  And there was lots of “religious” stuff in it, which also icked me out, i don’t much like linking kink and religion, even though there’s lots of potential connection there.

So i was thinking about the differences among the three movies and why i so much preferred the first one.  The back story on the first one ~ presenting her as this young woman who comes to apply for the job, and is nervous and eager ~ having her admit ahead of time {blushingly} that her boyfriend spanks her and she likes it ~ and because the spanking {although apparently a real spanking –  not done with mirrors or anything} was consensual on a couple of levels ~ those things made it feel much better to me.

But ultimately, the first movie had elements of submission and power exchange that the other two didn’t.  i may have a spanking fetish {ok, i do have a spanking fetish} but i also want that element of submitting my will to someone else.  And maybe that touch of humiliation when they make you do something you don’t want to do ~ change positions, count, whatever.

My favorite part of the audition movie was when the employer makes her say she’s going to get spanked on her “bare bottom.”  Her resistance to saying that, and his insistence that she say it, more than once ~ “Where are you going to get spanked?”  “~~~ on my ~~~ bare ~~~ bottom,” even now, it gives me a little shudder of pleasure…

10 thoughts on “Audition?

  1. sirqsmlb

    Yea, please ask your Sir the name and where he found them. I’m sure my Sir would appreciate a good tip. Oh, ya, I so have a spanking fettish. So! However I adore the power exchange with Sir. Hmmmmm.


  2. DelFonte

    The title of SoloMaster will probably stay permanent! Spanking fetish is me but we don’t have the PE element – his choice. However, spanking with D/s is a bigger attraction than simply being spanked. I suppose it’s the right mix of eagerness and reticence, and being guided to do something different.

  3. littlekaninchen

    Spankings are a mental battle… Or mental pleasure… Or both…
    It’s letting go and giving that power to your Sir! I just got a strapping and it was an emotional thing but major growth occurred with it…

    Little Kaninchen


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