Floating Fantasy – 4-21

Later, much later, they tie her with rope.  It is a relief to feel the rope against her skin, encircling each wrist, each ankle, like bracelets really.   They tie her snugly, using 4 separate pieces of rope.

The shower had been quick and efficient.  When they had finished waxing her ~ and she was grateful that her legs had passed inspection, sparing her the discomfort of being waxed all over ~ but when they had finished, she had been whisked into the shower.   Efficiently scrubbed and rinsed.

They make her spread her legs to clean her pussy, comment on her wetness.  Make her bend over while they soap and rinse her asshole.  She thinks that she has lost all sense of privacy.

They have watched her pee and wiped her pussy clean.

Naked, they make her stand in the room with floor to ceiling mirrors, shaved, washed, and exposed.  Lotion rubbed in thoroughly, arousing her with their touch, although this was clearly not their intention.

The ropes had gone on then, before they had even dried and brushed her hair.

Two men tie her as the woman and another man watch.  She does not know where her lover is.

The rope loops securely around each wrist, and the feeling of rope against her skin almost makes her smile.  They use separate pieces of rope, first on her wrists, then ankles.

“Show her,” says the woman.

One of the men, the largest of the three, moves behind her, standing very close.  The other two men are each holding an end of rope attached to her ankle.  Quickly, without a word, they tug hard, jerking the rope upward.  Instantly, her feet slide out from under her, and the man behind her catches her just as she would have fallen.

His arms around her, she is aware of his clothing rubbing against her.  His hands have wrapped around her breasts and she is grateful that he has not let her hit the ground.

“You see,” says the woman.  “You will want to obey.”

The man holding her from behind caresses her nipples, and she feels a stirring between her legs in response.  Her nipples harden and he pinches lightly.

“Open your legs,” He says.

She hesitates, but a slight tug on the rope encourages her, and she spreads her legs apart.  He keeps playing with her nipples, alternating light caresses with harder pinches.   “Wider,” he says, and she moves her feet farther apart, moaning lightly despite her best efforts to hold back.

“Check her responsiveness,” he says.  He leans her back a bit farther, as the blond man steps forward, giving him easy access to her pussy.

The fingers penetrate her abruptly, and she cries out, half in shock and half pleasure.  The man behind her laughs.  “Wet?” he asks.

“O, yeah,” says the blond man, grinning and pulling his fingers back out.  “Very wet.  She’s a true slut.”

She is a confused slut, she thinks, torn between embarrassment and pride by this judgement.


6 thoughts on “Floating Fantasy – 4-21

  1. sin

    There are naughty, exciting. I’m trying to put my finger on what, exactly appeals here…

    Vulnerability is certainly part of it.


  2. vanillamom


    I just read yesterdays and today’s. I’m kinda glad I didn’t see them this morning or I would have spent all day in squirmy ness. 🙂

    This hits a few fantasy buttons for me, mostly the tying up, the loss of self direction? The abiltity to choose what will happen.

    You were planning on continuing?

    naughty slut. 🙂



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