The Thirty Day Challenge

Almost 14 days into the 50 Day challenge, with mixed results.  i’ve exercised every day, but haven’t always done all 50 of my assigned exercises.    Have been eating less {even though i had a hamburger and french fries yesterday, which is such a rare event that Sir kept asking me if i was sure it was ok, if i was ok…}

Don’t know if i’ve lost weight ~ or gained more ~ because i haven’t weighed myself since last week.  i’ll weight tomorrow and see what that looks like.

And now i’m going to add my own 30 day challenge.  It has several components:

  • Diet
  • Schedule
  • Activities

For at least 30 days, i’m going to stay on the 17 Day diet {which will be all of the first food cycle, and 13 days of the second cycle.}   i’m going to have someone else fix at least one good recipe for me, with enough for at least two servings, so i can have it twice.  More than two servings if it’s something Sir might eat.  {He’s picky.}  That way, i won’t get bored with the same ole food choices, and no, i know i won’t be consistent with cooking them myself.

i’m going to schedule time to do the important things.  A particular time for my mindfulness practice each day.  At least half an hour several times a week to read a book, not something on-line.  Time to write some things for my vanilla blogs.

i’m going to limit my time on Facebook and blogs.  i spend way more time than i need to checking and re-checking stuff ~ has Sfp posted again?  Did someone “like” my FB post?  Was that a comment or a like on my blog post?  That’s unnecessary.  Two hours in the morning.  That’s plenty.  i may build in some time in the afternoon, and probably some in the evening, but not this ridiculous checking and checking.

i don’t want to over-regulate myself, i don’t think that’s helpful.  And don’t misunderstand me, i think i need space-and-time for doing nothing, .  But i’d like to do more of the things that i really want to do.   And it’s worth a 30 day trial, right?

Sir gave me a rule a couple of days ago.  i am not to text or use my i-phone for anything while i’m driving.

This might seem like a no-brainer, right?  And i don’t actually text and drive at the same time.  But i’ve thought of red lights as little internet cafe breaks, right?  You know, whip out the phone, slap on my glasses, check Facebook, check blog, just see who that email’s from…. light turns green ~  i might be a bit slow to step on the gas, might take a second to put the phone down, whip off the glasses… or i might step on the gas a second before i do those other things.

No more.  i am allowed to text “ok” or “hdn” {meaning heading home} at a red light, anything else and i have to pull over.

i’ve been following the rule since He laid it down, and i expect i will in the future too.  i am pretty good about following His rules, although they are few and far between.  This is the first one that’s touching a long standing habit, and maybe i’m making more of it than it is.   i don’t know why it’s more appealing to me to make this change because it’s a rule from Him than to do it because it’s safer and the right thing to do, but there it is.

Of course, some of this desire for order and structure and a new leaf is because this is April 14th.

What does that have to do with anything?

Um, it’s the day before taxes are due.  And no, i haven’t started.  So ~ getting out the Turbo Tax, W-2’s and such ~~ on the mark, get set ~~


{Yes, i know i can file for an extension, but it would just postpone this same moment.}


4 thoughts on “The Thirty Day Challenge

  1. sirqsmlb

    Well April 15 is as good a day as any, AND it’s a Monday! Good luck!

    As for the rule, it’s kind of comforting when they make rules that impact our Vanilla life (not that many don’t … But when it’s strictly vanilla-you know?). Mmmm. Sounds like a wise Dom!


  2. vanillamom

    I SO get this. I’d waste hours every day going hither and yon on the web…and not moving a muscle except for my fingers. I want to commit to working in my gardens this year…a big family event is being held here this summer so I need all spring and into the summer to get my yard in shape, after 6 years of only minimal work. And…we only get so many hours each day… 🙂

    Hope your “30 day challenge” gives you all that you’re looking for.


    PS my Master has the same rule about the phone re:texting. They do look out for us. 🙂

  3. sin

    Yes, it’s not safe to text and drive – though I did totally smile at the idea of red lights being little internet café moments. Cute

    I also need to be more disciplined. I’m trying to be better about it, I think i am a bit better about it. I guess it’s a process, not about being perfect, but about being better, right?



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