Beyond Spanking

Yesterday was a draining work day for me.  That’s not a complaint or a problem.   My job can be emotionally draining just because it is and that’s ok.

But i came home and started reading my Nora Roberts novel and started to relax and decided to curl up on the couch with my book.  And of course i fell asleep, but i was kind of sitting up, so it wasn’t like going all the way to sleep.  i’d nod off til i got uncomfortable, then i’d wake up and read some more.

After a while, longer than i realized,  i woke up all the way.  And i thought, with a tremendous intensity, about texting Sir and saying

“i need to sit at your feet.”

i sat with that thought for a while.

There is something about sitting at His feet that renews me.  i don’t get how that works.  i think it is a Power Exchange component of our relationship, but i don’t understand how being at His feet gives me energy.

i guess i don’t have to understand it.

i got up, and saw on my phone that He had texted me a bit earlier, wanting to know if i needed anything from the grocery.   i almost texted back, “no, i just need to sit at your feet.”

Instead, i waited til He got home and told Him.  After He’d been home a bit, as the evening was winding down, i told Him.  And He said that He’d been thinking about that too, thinking that He needed to make sure i did that.

i was going to sit at His feet then, but He said, “Wait a minute,” and turned me over His knee first for my two-minute spanking {thank you, Sir.}

And then i sat at His feet, and He stroked my head and petted me a bit, and then He put me to bed.

i love my Sir.


11 thoughts on “Beyond Spanking

  1. michelle

    For me, that sense of renewal comes from letting go. I worry constantly – about things in the past and the future. Being spanked or sitting at a Dom’s feet (or that power exchange in general) narrows my focus to the now. It’s the same feeling I get some having a cocktail or a couple glasses of wine, actually.
    I get the impression that you might be the same way with the worrying and the letting go.

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, Michelle,

      You’re right, it is a tension relieving feeling. Definitely. And funny, because i don’t’ think of myself as a worrier. But i carry a lot of responsibility, and maybe have a hard time putting it down. And for sure, it brings me into the “now.” Yeah.

      Thanks for you comment.

  2. littlekaninchen

    A perfect story of D/s…. This is a wonderful example of submission. How your husDom holds you in his hands when he’s not even there….
    He knew what you needed… Just beautiful! 🌷❤🐇

    1. sofia Post author

      Thank you so much, LK, i’m so glad you liked it!

      i’ve been trying to find the link to your blog again – i had it and now it’s gone. Repost it for me, would you please?? Thank you!! ❤

  3. vanillamom

    What a beautiful post. A lovely peek into the keyhole, as it were, and just made me –happy. Happy for you, happy that this too is a component of TTWD…the tender head patting after a spanking. 🙂


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