For ‘Nilla

I totally thought of you, ‘Nilla, when i saw this.  Some poor misguided soul attempting tentacle sex in the privacy of his own home ~ gone wrong.  Dreadfully wrong…

{Here’s the whole link, in case the other one doesn’t work.}

There’s even a video, y’all.  Noooooo, i didn’t watch it.  Ewwwwww.



And here’s the link to the essay i quoted from yesterday: – since some of you had trouble getting to it.  Enjoy.

i am super busy these days ~ it seems like every minute of the day i’m either scheduled to do something i want to do, or i have about 5 choices of things i CAN do, 3 of which are things i want to do.  The other two things i can choose from are things i need to do, of course, but those aren’t actually bad either, for the most part.

So i am a lucky girl these days… and am enjoying it as long as i can.


9 thoughts on “For ‘Nilla

  1. sin

    Ewww, really?? Seems to me that the message here is that the east Asian rice paddy eel is tougher than your average guy….

  2. sirqsmlb

    Ewwwwww what on EARTH were you doing to come across THAT story in your free time?? I am grateful nilla’s stories don’t end in hours of surgery. Decidedly NOT sexy!

    Thanks for the other link. I am glad you are busy with ALL good things! Wahoooo. Congrats Sofia!


    1. sofia Post author

      Heehee, fiona, i didn’t have to do anything, i have a friend who shares stuff like that ALL the TIME. Really. And there are people who have a kink that involves medical procedures – they might be fine with a story that ends in surgery ~ rofl.

      Thanks, fiona, it is nice to be happy…

  3. Donna

    You are absolutely correct, this is a perfect for nilla! However, please remember that should she choose to incorporate this into a story, it is NOT my fault…this time.

    The video was basically a re-do of the article except for the part where they shared that eel insertions are becoming more common. .

    None for me, thanks!


    1. sofia Post author

      Ha, and here she is, y’all, my wonderful kinky friend, Donna, who shares kinky stuff with me on a regular basis. You have HER to thank for the man-eating eel. {giggle}

      Thanks, Donna. 🙂

  4. vanillamom

    LOL! That eel story was kinda yuck…and yet I got twitchy thinking about it on my way to work last night. see? I thought my “sexah” was a bit broken…but apparently it just needed this “vacation” to wind up…either that or you all are very good at knowing what to feed my febrile imagination. 🙂

    *giggling and rubbing hands together*


    1. Donna

      Hey nilla, I wonder if “feeding” your imagination requires eels or if calamari with marinara sauce would do just as well? Which reminds me of a program Bill and I watched a few nights ago on the giant squid of the Marianas Trench. Interested? nilla? Anyone?


      1. vanillamom

        There are eels in the Marianas Trench? OH, do tell. 🙂

        nilla (so excited that it took three tries to spell my name there.!)


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