The Little Things – 4-7

We’re driving down the road, on our way to watch a basketball game with some friends.  i’m driving, mostly because He wants me to, but partly because i know short cuts to avoid the inevitable traffic on the way.

So i’m winding my way through the shortcuts, and Sir says, sounding surprised, “You’ve got me totally lost ~  I have no idea where I am,” and then, a bit dismayed, “I’m at your mercy here.”

i say, “O, my, that’s got to be ~” and He says, in the same moment, “That is NOT a comfortable feeling for me!” Which makes me laugh, and He does too, and in a minute or two, i turn a corner and He knows where we are again.  Whew!

Later, at home, after an emotionally exhausting game, He is playing with my nipples.   i use the term “playing” loosely.  He’s pulling on them… pulling… pulling… i’m whimpering… And when He stops, it is as if He leaves trails of pain.  My nipples are still throbbing, as if the pain echoes through them, over and over.

Still later, He holds my left nipple between His thumb and middle finger.  “This is going to hurt,” He says.  “Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” i say, a bit tremulous.  He has not done this in a long time.  i know what’s coming.

“It’ll just hurt for a minute,” He says.

“A minute?” i ask, “A whole MINUTE?  That’s a long time!”

and He smiles, “No, that’s right, not a whole minute.  It’ll just hurt for a moment.  But it’s gonna hurt.”

“i know.  i remember.”

He does it then, right then, i’m not even sure how He does it, what He does, all i know is that it hurts, omg, it hurts ~ i squeal ~ and then it’s over.

Ooooo.  i’m glad it’s over.  But.

“Now, when I used to do this before,” He says, “You were always real worried about it being *even.*   Wanting both nipples to feel the same.  Are you still concerned about that?  Do I need to go ahead and do the right nipple?”

“No, Sir,” i’m quick to respond, “No, Sir, i’m fine with them being uneven, no need to do the other one.”

He nods, looks thoughtful, “Then you’re ok if I go ahead and do the same one again, right?  You don’t mind that.”

“O!  No, Sir, um, no, wait, i was wrong, i thought ~ no, i do want them even, i don’t want you to do the same one again.”

He smiles, “So you WANT me to do the right one?  Is that right?”

Caught, trapped by my own words.  “Yes, Sir,” but it’s a whisper, “i guess i do…”

He nods, “Ok, then, since you ask so nicely,” and He grasps the right nipple…


17 thoughts on “The Little Things – 4-7

  1. vanillamom

    Oh! They are SO fucking clever and tricky! Hoist by your own petard!

    (made me laugh, so thank you)


  2. littlekaninchen

    This sounds exactly like my Sir! His exact reasoning and wording! Lol! I’m sitting in that seat right next to you in story,.. It was my nipple in the story! I’m so laughing right now!


    1. sofia Post author

      Hi, Lk,
      It’s funny isn’t it – like they all go to the same Dom training school. And hmmm, wouldn’t that be a fun school to visit?

    1. sofia Post author

      Hey, Monkey ~ You’re so right! And then, next thing we know, there we are ~ trapped again. O, wait, that’s where i wanted to be anyhow… 🙂

  3. sirqsmlb

    WOW! Is this the payback for his discomfort during your drive? Or does he just enjoy the action? OK…so what does he do? I so curious (yes I know it killed the cat)

    Don’t you both love and hate it that they can talk you around to saying what you WILL NOT say…until you do. Both frustrating and erotic as HELL!


    1. sofia Post author

      Oh, i had to come answer – no it’s wasn’t payback – he just likes to torture me sometimes. And sometimes, um, yeah, i like it. 🙂 Good thing he’s not a sadist, right? No, really, he’s not, you can ask him!


  4. abby

    Not a sadist…LOL. But there must a secret manual, Master can always get me to say exactly what He wants! And I finally got around to answering your question for the month of March..sorry it took so long.
    hugs abby

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks for answering my question, abby! And i think we’re all in agreement – secret manual, training school for Doms ~ somehow, they learn the same techniques. 🙂


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