Um, Just for the Record…

Just for the record, i might have exaggerated a little bit in that last post.

You know, just a tiny bit.  For effect.

That’s all.  i just thought i should say that.

i mean, there’s no marks or anything today.  No, i can’t still feel it.

And i might have liked sinking into the little bit of pain it was.  i told Sir, “Well, that made up for not experiencing the pain of planks!”

And He said, “I didn’t know you made a commitment to pain.  I thought you committed to do certain things and two minutes of spanking every day was one of them.”

And i said, “O.  Yes.  Actually, you’re right!”

And then i went to bed.


If i were Him, which thank goodness i’m not,  but if i were, I might make me write lines about not exaggerating.  Just 20 or 25.  Or something.  Just to make a point.

Just saying.


Plus i might have some old shame triggers about exercise hanging around my psyche.  Which makes this all more interesting inside my head than it needs to be.   Good thing i have a therapy appointment coming up soon!


4 thoughts on “Um, Just for the Record…

  1. vanillamom

    or rather than writing lines, he can make ’em appear like magic on your butt.

    Don’t you DARE obsess negatively about exercising, love. It’s about moving our bodies every day, no matter the form. There are others out there who cannot plank…and when I first did yoga it was painfully difficult. I’ve kind of kept it up now and again so there is some muscle memory there.

    You did not hear me moan at work tonight as I ran up the steps to the 3rd floor. Or the little baby steps I took walking out to the kitchen uttering a low explitive as I shuffled. Oh, getting stiff at the end of the day sucks. I felt a bit like ARte Johnson doing the old man thing on Carole Burnett. Yeah. just like that. :0

    NO guilt.

    Guilt is BAD.

    Exercise is good (or so they say. Soon as i find “they” i might push them down the hill. 🙂 Tho I am trying to be nonviolent aren’t i. hmm. Okay. well. exercising sucks, no two ways about it. People who say they like it, ? they lie. 🙂 *nods sagely*

    Hugs and much love from a very stiff and hurty nilla

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks for those wise ~ and kind ~ words, ‘Nilla. i’m working on the no-guilt thing… and hoping you get un-stiff soon!




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