Today – the First of Fifty ~ and Floating Fantasies

Today starts the great 50 Day Challenge.  Hope you’re ready, Fiona.  i know ‘Nilla is – she started practicing a week ago.  Darned over achiever…

Here are some snippets of fantasies…


“Right here,” he says, patting the cushions beside him.  She starts to sit, but he laughs, “No, not like that.  On your knees.  Put your face here.”


“Yes,” he says, “Didn’t your Master tell you?  He has loaned you to me, you are here for my pleasure.”


“Disobedience,” He says.  “You are a disobedient slave, and you need to be trained.”

She dances around Him.   “But, Sir,” she says, in her most wheedling tone, “You know you love how i am.  Why would you send me away to be trained?  Don’t you want to do it yourself??”

But He is firm.  “I am too easy with you,” He says.  “I let you get away with too much.  We must correct that now.  Come on.  Give me your hands now.”

She does, of course, she always obeys Him sooner or later.  Reluctantly, she holds her hands out in front of her so He can fasten the leather cuffs together. Then He attaches them to the ring in her collar.

“Now,” He says, and to her surprise He blindfolds her.  She is shocked, and her heart drops.  This is serious.

He takes her by the arm and leads her to the car parked at the curb.  She knows the windows are tinted so at least no one will see the shame of her being taken away blindfolded and restrained.

He puts her in the car, in the back seat, making sure that she doesn’t hit her head.  She thinks that He gets in the car too, but she isn’t even sure of that.  Doors slam shut.

“Sir ~ Master,” she says, but another voice, a gruff male voice, comes from the driver’s seat.

“If you speak again,” he says, “I will gag you.  Your choice.”

She swallows hard, feels tears well up in her eyes.  She can’t believe her Master is really doing this.  He’s been threatening to for a long time, but she didn’t think it would happen.


She hears them coming, footsteps, voices, then laughter, coming closer.  She can’t tell how many of them there are.

She can feel them around her.  She is standing, arms suspended over her head, in the center of the room.  Blindfolded.  Naked, of course, her legs spread, held apart by a spreader bar.

There is silence at first, but she can hear them moving around her.  She is nervous, scared even, but she can feel her pussy getting hot, feel the juices between her legs, and a quiver of excitement in her belly.

They are going to touch her.  She doesn’t know how or where just yet.  Will it be her breasts first?  The nipples, already hardening?

Or will one of them penetrate her with his fingers, probing roughly between the wet fold, exploring cunt and ass?

She shivers ~ with the cold, with fear, with anticipation.


9 thoughts on “Today – the First of Fifty ~ and Floating Fantasies

  1. vanillamom

    i was just working on my Tuesday blog, about how Master says no to masturbating for a few days. I see your blogpost come in and I read it.
    o dear gawd.

    nilla (fanning face and shifting in her seat)

      1. vanillamom

        interesting? interesting? They were fawking hawt.

        thank goodness it’s a day I get an O…!!


  2. sirqsmlb

    Oh dear…but I love your fantasies. I have very similar ones…hmmmm….I wonder how many of us do.

    And…Yes, I’m ready …. not as ready as nilla, but then again, who is?


    1. sofia Post author

      i’m glad you like my fantasies – and nice to know you can relate to them. i suspect there’s ~ well, I don’t know ~ i started to say thousands of us, but i bet there’s more than that. Millions probably. THAT would be fun to know…

      And ready or not, let the games begin!


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