Reason 297

Reason 297 that i love Sir that is.

i got a little concerned about Sir’s reaction to my last couple of posts.  He hadn’t said anything, so i asked Him what He thought about the first one ~ you know, the one where i talked about wanting “more” and being greedy.

“Impatient,” He says.


“Yep,” He says, “It had ‘Impatient” written all over it.” Which makes me giggle, because yes, of course, there is that.

Then when he read the second one, He says, “Didn’t complain at all?  You hurrumped.  i heard you.”

Which also makes me giggle.  And i have to agree, yes i probably had, you know, made some tiny noise signifying that i didn’t really want to go to the store.  However.

Impatient.  Yeah, i guess i can be that ~ sometimes, maybe, i am that.  It sounds nicer than greedy anyhow.  And all things come to she who waits, right?

It’s Easter morning, and i’ve felt a bit sad, mourning Easters past.   Bunnies and hIdden baskets, children’s shrill voices, ham baking, dyed eggs, lots of chocolate and new hats.  None of that is happening here.

Sir is not Christian, and i barely am.  My family is either out of town, or not celebrating the holiday.  {There is a sports thing going on that takes precedence for some of them.}  His daughter and grandchildren will come over later, and that will be lovely.  But it is my first Easter with them, and i know that creating and blending family traditions take time.

Whatever it is will be lovely.  i know that.  i’ve already cried a bit for days gone by and i’m ready for a wonderful new day.   Hoping yours is All That too!!!

8 thoughts on “Reason 297

  1. Nisza

    I also don’t celebrate Easter for many reasons, but I have day off, so sweet lazyness is here 🙂 Come one, “tiny noisy signifying” isn’t complainning yet, right :)? Have a nice day 🙂

    1. sofia Post author

      Hi, Nisza – Hope you enjoyed your “sweet laziness.” That made me smile. And you’re right – “one tiny noise signifying…” ISN’T actually complaining. i will go tell Sir we said so. {giggling…}

  2. monkey

    Happy Easter Sophia! We are starting a new tradition here too, with just the one left at home now. I’ll see the others today but they aren’t here this morning. Not the same I know, but I empathize none the less.

    That impatient made me lol. I’ve been working on that, and getting that worked on, for a couple years now… Good luck with that! 🙂

    1. sofia Post author

      Happy Easter to you, Monkey!! Hope you and your family had a great one. The changing traditions thing is still ~ it can be a challenge. Nice when we can flow with it.

      Yeah, the “impatient” cracked me up too. i don’t usually think of myself that way ~ but that doesn’t mean i’m not! 🙂

  3. littlekaninchen

    Sofia, sending you a happy holiday message… I have been what I consider Christian all my life but I have recently found a friend that has opened my eyes to see that no matter which way you praise, the Lord the same lord we all are looking into the sky at… No matter the way you are blessed… I’m finding Hebrew teachings very interesting and honest… Shows true dominance and submission amoung men and women is a good thing… A desirable thing that the Lord likes to see…
    So this Sunday … Enjoy… Look into the sky and thank him and let him lead you into your next stages…. ❤🐇🌴🌴🌴

  4. Fondles

    Oh Happy Easter to you and your Sir, Sofia. I used to celebrate Easter in a big way. All that has stopped since 2 years ago when I took on this job which requires me to work Sundays. So guess what I was doing today? Yup. Working. I did manage Mass after that tho. So all’s good.

    and I lol’ed at “harrumped”. I think i make those sounds too 🙂

    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, Fondles, sorry to hear you had to work yesterday. As for harrumping – um, yeah, giggling ~i don’t much like to think that was the noise i made, but it is what it is… 🙂


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