Power Exchange

i think that my relationship with Sir is more than kinky, more than in the bedroom.  i think we have a power exchange, and i want that.  But i am so comfortable these days.

i’m not sure if that’s because we’ve settled into being together so nicely that the relationship fits me like a glove, or if it’s because He’s so easy-going that it’s too easy.

i know, i’m back to that again.

The problem ~ ok, it’s not a problem ~ the thing is, He’s so easy-going, and i’m pretty low-maintenance, so He makes few demands, and i don’t mind conceding when He asks me too.  He doesn’t have to control my money, or my activities, or my moods.  He doesn’t have a list of rules and restrictions.

Which is all good, yes of course it is, i know that.

It means we flow through our days ~ and nights ~ with pleasure and connectedness.  Driving home yesterday, i was floating in happiness, grateful that i was going home to Him.

And yet.

And yet.

There is something in me that wants more.  More of the quick drop on the roller coaster.  More of that sense of being powerless.  More of Him taking, demanding, ordering.

i am a greedy girl.

12 thoughts on “Power Exchange

  1. sin

    it sounds like you kind of wish he was a meaner tougher Dom, so you’d have to submit more of yourself – or maybe you wish that you just didn’t quite fit as well? Is it about wanting him different or wanting the relationship different or wanting yourself different?

    You actually sound very happy…

  2. littlekaninchen

    We want mystery. We want to loose our control. We all want more … We are submissive…
    That is what makes D/s so wonderful!
    You can take the foundations and then bud your own D/s .
    The way I found if you want more .. More Dominating then be more of a submissive.
    Get I. Your knees like the greedy girl you say you are and ask for more!
    It will work.. Test it and report back!
    Best Wishes!
    Little Kaninchen

    1. sofia Post author

      O, i do like that “get on your knees like the greedy girl you say you are and ask for more…” i think for some things that will work really well! And i will report back. 🙂


      1. Little Kaninchen

        Please test my theory and get back to me!
        So far its worked everytime.
        The biggest thing is be honest and ask for what you want. A Dom takes it very serious if your on your knees asking for what you’re wanting! Bring on your knees shows him more respect…


  3. Fondles

    maybe more kink in the bedroom might help… thats how we started… that’s where BIKSS got his Dom-legs as it were… then it travelled outside the bedroom slowly… it follows us everywhere now.

    1. sofia Post author

      Well and i think part of what happens is that our lives don’t lend themselves to lots of kink in the bedroom all the time – and most of the time, i’m ok with being exactly where we are. i think when we’re not – well, see LK’s suggestions above! {giggling…}

      And really, really ~ i’m still thinking about all this… Thanks for weighing in!

  4. sirqsmlb

    Oh I so understand where you are. I love the comfort and the fit…but there is always the desire to have … movement … growth. To find limits and to have someone help push them…push me.

    Have you talked to your Sir about what you want?


    1. sofia Post author

      Thanks, fiona, but um, having just recently read on your blog the “fit” involved with the Great Purple Dinosaur ~ i think there is plenty of pushing the comfort level where you are! {collapses in giggles}

      But yeah, talking to Him is always the right answer. 🙂 Thanks.


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