Floating Fantasies II

i have another school fantasy.

In this one, at the end of each day, after their baths but before bed, the students line up to receive any punishment they may have earned during the day. These are adult students you know, not children.

They line up in the hallway, about 15 students at a time, but there are three rooms, and quickly they’re dispersed, five to a room.

Ada gets the middle room, she hates the middle room. The Master in the middle room is the harshest of them all, and he seems to enjoy it the most. He’s young too, and really nice-looking, and she might have a little bit of a crush on him, which just makes it worse.

The drill is the same every night. He reads the list of infractions for each student, one at a time. There are rewards too, things they get points for, so sometimes a student might get off with only a few licks.

Ada thinks she must be the most disobedient of them all. Tonight, she is going to get 20 licks, but her ass is still sore from the night before, and the night before that. This is her third night in a row to earn more demerits than rewards, and she is humiliated that it has been with this Master each time.

“Ada,” he says, sounding surprised,, and reproachful. “I thought you told me you wouldn’t be back for a while. What happened?”

Ada drops her eyes, she can’t face his kindness. ”I can’t keep my mouth closed,” she says. ”I just ~ I get smart. I can’t seem to help it.”

“Well, bend over,” He says, “and let’s pull your skirt up. There you go. Yes, you still have some marks from yesterday. I’m going to use the ruler tonight. But I’ll wait, I’ll save you for last. I want you to just stay right there and think about what’s coming to you while I take care of the others.”

Ada waits, bent over the back of the couch, while he administers the licks to the other students. She can hear them squealing and whimpering, some of them cry and beg him to stop. She wiggles a little, knowing it will be her turn too soon.

She wonders if the other students have the same problem she has ~ when the Master punishes her, it makes her ~ well, it makes her hot. Hot between her legs, and wet too. When she goes back to her room, she always touches herself there until she feels a big rush of pleasure. She’s never told anyone this, and doesn’t think she ever could.

At last, all the other students have been disciplined and sent on to bed. Ada can feel her cheeks tightening at the thought of the whipping she’s about to get. Instead the Master tells her to stand up.

“Look at me,” he says, “Ada, The Masters agreed in our staff meeting today that the usual punishment does not seem to be helping you correct your behavior. Rather than keep doing what doesn’t work, we’ve decided to try a new strategy. We talked about expelling you…” he pauses, and Ada gasps, imagining the disgrace of being sent home.

“Yes,” says the Master, “But we didn’t want to give up on you just yet. Rather than going that far, we’re going to try a more radical punishment. Instead of whipping your backside, we’re going to whip ~ well, your front side.”

He pauses to let this sink in, and the flush on her face deepens as she begins to suspect what’s in store in for her. ”My ~ my front side?’ Her voice trembles.

“Yes, Ada,” he looks almost as if he feels sorry for her, but, “Between your legs, on the inside of your thighs, and your most delicate parts too. But don’t worry, I won’t harm you. We just want you to learn to be properly obedient. A good girl.”

“Now,” he says, and his voice is brisker, “Hop up here on the table. There’s a step stool here, you can use it.”

“But ~ but ~” she hesitates ~ no, really he can’t be serious.

“Come now, quickly,” he says, “Or I shall have to call for some of the other ~” and he breaks off as the door opens. One of the other Masters and a Headmistress come in.

“Giving you a hard time, is she, David?” asks Mistress Jane.

“Just a bit,” he says. ”I think she’ll do fine once she realizes we’re serious. Now, Ada, no more dawdling. Up on the table.”

Thinking she might die of embarrassment, but not sure what else to do, Ada steps up and seats herself on the edge of the long rectangular table. Master David says, “No, turn this way, yes, now scoot down a bit, yes, like that, now lie back,”

and she does as he directs her to do, finding herself on her back with her legs dangling off the end of the table. Her skirt has scooted up in the back, but is covering her thighs in the front.

Quite suddenly, Mistress Jane grabs Ada’s skirt at the hem and flips it up so Ada is completely exposed. At almost the same moment, Master David grasps one of her feet and the other Master, whose name she does not know, takes the other. With a quick movement, they push her knees back toward her chest.

Horrified, Ada realizes her private parts are totally exposed, and there is no escape from what is about to happen.


Wait ~ i don’t even know where that whole last part came from ~ that’s new for me. Yikes!

Also, i had a ton of visitors yesterday ~ thanks to Bonnie, at My Bottom Smarts, who was kind enough to mention me {waves…} Thank you very much ~ to Bonnie, and to all the people who visited.

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5 thoughts on “Floating Fantasies II

      1. littlekaninchen

        I’m going to blog on getting your kitty spanked. It’s a tortious but wonderful experience. Whether its with a crop or your Dom’s penis… It’s a squirting good time!



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