Floating Fantasies

There’s a school room fantasy.

i should tell you, i had these fantasies long before i was involved in kink, long before i imagined that i would be with someone who would really spank me.  i have always used them as part of the path to sexual satisfaction, {um, orgasm} but secretly for most of my life.  So i have lots of long standing fantasies, snippets of scenarios.

i’m not all about spanking, don’t get that idea.  i’m into power exchange and other aspects of BDSM, but it’s like Sir says, spanking is truly a fetish for me.  Here’s a bit of fantasy:

A student is told to come to the front of the room.  She’s in trouble for something she did earlier in the day.  The teacher can be male or female, it doesn’t matter. He or she is holding a pointer, about the length and diameter of a curtain rod.

They instruct the student to bend over a desk, which is there for that purpose.  She has to lean across the desk, and grasp the other side of it.

The teacher uses the pointer to raise the girl’s skirt.  She is not wearing panties.   Not allowed to.

The teacher slaps the pointer against their own hand a few times, and says, “Class!  This student refused to follow directions.  She was disobedient and talked back to a Master this morning.  I’m sorry to have to interrupt your lessons to punish her, but disobedience and rudeness are unacceptable.”

“She will get 20 licks and remain on display for about an hour, until our 2:00 break.”

The pointer whistles a bit as the teacher swings it, right before it lands on the student’s ass.   A red line appears almost immediately, and the teacher waits until the mark is visible before drawing back for the next strike.


Hmmm.  i guess that’s another exhibitionist one, isn’t it?  i don’t know what Sir will say about that.

It’s funny ~ i had a blog before, and Sir didn’t read my posts, at least He hardly ever did.  Now He does, and i like that a lot, but it makes me wonder how He’s going to react.  It doesn’t make me write anything different, i’m not censoring, it just makes me wonder.

8 thoughts on “Floating Fantasies

  1. Fondles

    better he reads, than NOT. it is a whole lot easier for us to get our emotions and thoughts out via blogging than face to face… so this is a wonderful outlet 🙂

    1. sofia Post author

      It is easier to write it. When we first started seeing each other, he didn’t read so i would have the privacy to process things without Him looking over my shoulder, and also so He wouldn’t be influenced by what i wrote. i guess we are past all that now. 🙂

  2. jadescastle

    He’s reading? How delightful. When i went to the demo on spanking, Margaret Davis said that ppl with a spanking fetish had very similar fantasies, revolving around two or three scenerios (Westerns, Teacher/student, Parent/child,etc). She said they were life long. i can recall having a response as a young child to seeing a spanking scene on tv. But i was equally, or more, likely to have a response from watching the history channel stuff on the Passion of Christ. It wasn’t because Jesus was involved, i assure you. For a Catholic child, the spanking stuff was easier to accept. It seemed safer. Do you want her website info? It’s interesting and has an old blog about spanking.

    1. sofia Post author

      i know, i’m kind of excited that He’s reading.

      That’s interesting about Margaret Davis – of course i’d love to have the website info! i was mentally running through my spanking scenarios – they are kind of limited. i think i do some kind of school setting, and relationship ones where i have to learn a lesson, which is kind of the same thing, right? Anyhow, yeah, share the website, please.

  3. vanillamom

    I didn’t know I’d like spanking as much as I do…I’m not sure I’ve had life-long fascination with it, more about being tied up, actually.

    I love this fantasy…and just so you know, sofia, I wrote a little spanko fantasy from your blog YESTERDAY tho you will find similarities to what you wrote today (I suppose there isn’t all that much deviation forms for spanking, right?)

    I think it’s neat that your Sir reads your blog. 🙂


    1. sofia Post author

      O, yay – can’t wait to read the ‘nilla story!! And how interesting that the spanking fetish apparently hasn’t been lifelong for you. Hmmmm. Lots to think about, huh?


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