Things that Could Happen

Sofia is on the computer, as she so often is.

Sir is coming down the hall ~ He enters the study.

“Sofia,” He says.”

“Mmmmhmmm,” she says, barely glancing up.  She doesn’t notice the look on His face.

His voice is mild.  “Are you working on something important?” He asks.

“No, Sir,” says says, still typing, “Just making a comment on this post on Facebook.  Nothing important.”

“Stop,” He says.

“Ok, but ~ ” she looks up then.

He’s watching her, intently.  She can’t read the look on His face.  Not angry, no, but stern, maybe?  Solemn?

“Yes, Sir?” she says, one eye still on the computer.

“Who am I?” He asks.

“Who are you?” she’s a bit baffled.  “Why, you’re Sir, of course,” and she smiles.  “My Sir.”

But He doesn’t smile back, and now she’s a little nervous.  “Right?” she says. “My Sir, um, my Master?”

He nods, “Yes,” He says.  “And who are you?”

“Your submissive,” she says, a note of uncertainty in her voice.

“Who do you belong to?”

“You, Sir,” she says earnestly, “You, of course, Sir.”

He nods, His face softening a bit.  “Yes, you do.  You belong to me.  So when I say ‘sofia,’ what do you think i want?”

“My ~ oh,” her face falls as she realizes where this is going, “My attention, Sir.”  It is a whisper.  “You want my attention.”

“If you’re in the middle of something important,” He says, “A work thing, or something you’re writing, I can understand it taking a minute for you to refocus.  But Facebook?”

“I’m sorry,” she says, quckly in a rush, “i’m so sorry, i wasn’t thinking, i really am sorry.”  And she is.  This is the man she loves, her Master, who gives her so much and is patient and loving and really, she really is sorry.

And He knows that.  So He smiles, “I know.” He says.  “it’s ok.  I know. So drop your pants.”

“Oh!” she flushes then, she feels the red in her cheeks and her neck, but He is watching and there is no argument to make.

She stands and reluctantly pulls her pants down.  The air is cool on her ass, and her pussy is bare too.

“Go get the paddle, please,” He says, “and bring it to me.”

“O, but ~ yes, Sir,” she says, clutching her pants with one hand as she heads down the hall.

“Scurry!” He says, and she moves faster, grabs the paddle and hurries back, still holding her pants in the appropriate place.

“Good girl,” He says, taking the paddle.  “Now let go of the pants and bend over.”

There is really only one place to “bend over” in the study ~ a two-drawer wooden file cabinet ~ so she bends at the waist. placing her elbows on the top of the cabinet.   The cabinet only reaches to her thighs, so her torso is lower than her hips.  Her ass seems very exposed.

He puts a hand on the back of her neck and pushes her head down.  This seems to raise her ass further.  With one foot, he nudges her to spread her legs wider.

“Seven,” He says.  “And each time I want you to say ~ no,” he pauses, “You tell me what you’re going to say.  What are you going to do differently from now on?

“Pay attention, Sir,” she says.  Her voice seems muffled with her face down, away from Him.    “i will pay attention.”

“Let’s make sure you’ve got it right,” He says.  “Here’s one for practice.”

The paddle lands with a thud, and she bites her lip.  “I will pay attention, Sir,” she says.

“Very good,” He says, “But what about ‘thank you, Sir?’  Aren’t you always supposed to say that?”

“Yes, Sir,” her voice trembles.

“Let’s try another practice one,” He says, “This one doesn’t count either.”


The paddle lands, and she almost jumps, but doesn’t, and “Thank you, Sir!” she says it quickly, “i will pay attention!”

“Much better,” He says.  “Now we can begin.  This will be One.”


Theoretically, that could happen at my house, but it doesn’t.  Not because i’m always as attentive as i could be, but because Sir doesn’t hold me accountable for things like that.  i’m not sure He notices, really.   If He does, He hasn’t said anything.

But it’s important to me that i’m attentive to Him.   So i do try to be.  i try to look up and attend to Him when He’s talking, try not to be distracted by other things.  i guess i feel like it’s a rule.

But it’s my own rule.  He doesn’t enforce it.  Probably doesn’t even know it’s my rule.

So if it matters to me, i have to enforce it, live up to it, myself.  Sometimes, i wish He’d be responsible for more things like that, but He’s probably not going to, i don’t think He even thinks that way, i don’t think He would say to Himself, “she needs to pay attention to me when i speak!”

But i think it’s important.  i don’t know if that’s submissive, or just a way to show love and respect.

Or maybe i just want more spanking.  It’s hard to say.


12 thoughts on “Things that Could Happen

  1. Fondles


    uh huh. sounds familiar.

    if BIKSS were to casually say, go shower will you? i could easily get away with “after this post, after this comment, after i read this article”

    but i decided early on that like you, it’s something i choose to do for him. in my case, it’s not attention, it’s being prompt. so unless it’s something to do with a fire on the stove or a family member on the fone, i’ve managed (mostly) to just about go along with his “suggestions” whenever he says something.

    enjoy your submission. it can be very fulfilling to submit to your own decision to be more attentive, it doesn’t have to be a rule put down by him for it to yield a more loving relationship 🙂

    1. sofia Post author

      Hi, fondles,

      O, that’s a good parallel, yes, i can see how it works the same way. And of course you’re right, it doesn’t have to be his rule to create a loving relationship, and that’s its own reward.

      But i love the punishment fantasy…. 🙂

  2. littlekaninchen

    Great post Sofia, this is exactly how my Sir feels… He wants my attention and I don’t give it to him… He will repeat “Little
    Kaninchen” to make sure I reply Yes Sir… I think he wants to give me spankings for it but he also knows I enjoy them… So he will take away my orgasms or not put my leather cuffs on at bedtime… He knows how to hurt me without physically harming me… I do aggravate him terribly by not being attentive…. You’re inspiring me to do better… I do love the spanks! Lol! 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋

    1. sofia Post author

      Yes, i think being attentive is very important. And how wise of your Sir to give you punishments that you won’t enjoy AND that won’t harm you. You sound very happy!

  3. HusDom

    This was forwarded to me by Little Kaninchen!

    LK desires for me to hold her to a certain standard. It allows her to strive for excellence and grants her an avenue in which to exhibit her desire to please me.

    Your post is wonderfully written and right on the mark…

    This post is a great reminder to others of how important it is to maintain consistency along our journey. Submissive’s need to know that you care enough about them to notice them, their good deeds along with their not so good deeds.

    They hunger for your attention…

    Aknowledge their effort and show them how important their submissiveness is to you.


    1. sofia Post author

      Hi, HusDom,

      Thanks for commenting and for the kind words. You’re so right, it is important to get positive reinforcement too. i think that element of attention is part of what submissives crave, so it can work both ways.

  4. Wordwytch

    I get the…”are you busy?” or the …”I’m going to bed.” statements that should make my brain light up and go “Oh F*CK!” This is especially if I’ve been stressed. I usually don’t pay for it with spankings, but with “time to go to sleep.” drat.


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