The Little Things

He comes up behind me.

i am sitting at my computer desk, typing away, He’s dressed and ready to leave for work.  i sense Him behind me, but before i can turn, He slips His arm around my neck.

i smile, my fingers grow still on the keys.

He leans in, kisses my neck, right in that tender spot, where the slope of my neck meets my shoulder.   And pulls His arm tighter.

His arm presses on my throat, a taste ~ just a taste ~ of almost ~ not ~ breathing.

Instantly, i’m flooded with sensation ~ my heart leaps and settles, beats faster, and i ~~

drop into submission ~ not sliding, not easing into it, but dropped like going over the top of the roller coaster.   Pulled-up-short ~ as if He has jerked my leash ~ contained and put in my place in one quick movement.


So aroused.

Wet and longing for Him to take me, right there.

Instead, He releases me, kisses me again, and smiles.  A smile so sweet, no one would believe He was almost choking me just a second ago.

i am still gasping, off balance, wanting…  as He says, “Be good today.  See you tonight.”


12 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. monkey

    I had to take a cleansing breath or two after reading this. I’m fanning my face too.

    That smile so sweet… satisfaction for a job well done, perhaps? He put you where he wanted you to be, because he can, and then he smiles, because he can.


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